This article is by Dr.Shivani Jaiswar .

This is her 1st article on creative dentistry . 


When I was a kid I never thought that people would be so interested in nail art …

but somebody must have thought of it someday and so it is a fashion now!!

Somebody has said, “everything can be a fashion”, even if you are using a jute sac as your college bag … saying it is my fashion … that would even look glamarous if carried properly with something creative done on it.

we should do something innovative with our field “dentistry”… thinking of very fascinating thing to include in our profession may lead to make it a part of glamour.

My dad teases me that I’ll be making matching dress coloured teeth which would give a fashionable look to my patients!

Though it was just a joke but who knew that I would seriously going to write an article on it….! well can’t we do the restoration of tooth with a coloured pearl stone which would glaze the smile…?? can’t we design it with the tatooing system…?? Or can’t we make it possible for the patient to change those restorations according to their dress colours!!

Tooth Tattooing

A beautiful tattoo on your tooth will make you look different .

One can get his tooth tatooed according to the choice, may be temproraly glued on the crown. Some would also like getting tatoo pictures of their partner and themself on both the central incisors…and I believe, something different leads to fashion if carried properly!!

Hey ….you can match your tooth designing with your colourfull nail art too….this is what creativity is all about!!


How about the sparkling stars on your lively bright teeth ?

Stars desn’t have to be only in the sky, we can get them on your teeth too. Then people would turn back to have a glimpse of your smile.

Stones of different shapes, sizes and colours can be fixed on to your tooth. Moreover, according to your zodiac sign the birth stones on gold can be mounted on your crown…!

Interesting, isn’t it????