The Top 5 Problems Faced by Every Dentist in Asia

In this article, the author is talking about the top 5 problems that are faced by every Indian dentist who is planning to run his professional dental practice. Some of the points raised are related to the system and some to the daily in practice incidences that will test the patience of a dentist.

3.Unable to Find Canals: Where is it ???

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Sometimes a canal just refuses to reveal itself to us.

You open the access cavity and locate the two canals but there has to be one more.

So you dig around a little. But no, there is no third canal.

It turns into a dental version of Dr. House MD episode and you walk around with your stick in a long corridor with a Hugh Laurie’s confused face expression transfixed on your face.

One of the most common problems faced by any dentist all over India.

The only way around is practice.

With time a dentist gets good at it. It is learning as you do more cases.

As a matter of fact, this problem is not only related to RCT. There is a bigger picture here. Most of the dentists who pass out from the dental colleges in India are not adept in many everyday clinical procedures.

It is bad but its the fact. The reasons can be many – low patients in college, disinterest in students, disinterested faculty or not getting a chance to see the cases among so many students.

Dental Practice Management

So, it is always better for a dentist to get a hands-on course on the basic clinical procedures before jumping completely into professional dental practice. Get better in the bread and butter procedures like RCT, Dentures, Composites, Extraction etc. If you want you can also join dental diploma courses to sharpen your clinical skills.

There are many dental diploma courses available today. You can read this article below to know how to choose the dental diploma/CDE course to improve your clinical skills.


In this article, we are going to discuss the diploma courses available for dentists after dental graduation (BDS/MDS). We will try to provide the information which will help in your search of We will try to provide the information which will help in your search of Diploma Courses in dentistry.

4.Airotor versus The World: The Friend & Foe 

Dental Practice Management

The air rotor is the dentist’s greatest ally.

You keep the ball bearings in shape and the machine well-lubricated because it is your bread and butter.

And in return, sometimes it stabs you right in the back like a foe.

You have placed cotton rolls in the patient’s mouth because there is too much saliva from everywhere. And then you want to finish the cavity just a little.

But uh oh! The air rotor falls in love with the cotton and then they become one with each other. A moment ago, the cotton that seemed like the softest thing in the world becomes a NiTi wire that just refuses to break its embrace with the bur.

If you want to save your time, give up and discard the bur. That is all that is left to do now. Otherwise let the patient watch as you clumsily fumble with a tweezer, trying to separate the strongest bond in the world – the bur and cotton.

The air rotor also has a little beef with the glove. But the glove’s bigger rival is the micromotor, especially during denture-trimming.

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When the patient takes you for granted and cancels the appointment just 30 minutes before the visit.

What can you do?

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