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Hi there, in this post we are going to have a look at some of the Top Performing Online Dental Stores in Asia & India. 

In last few posts, we have been analyzing in detail the merits and demerits for a dentist in getting dental supplies from a local dental supplier and online dental stores.  We also tried to answer which is more beneficial to a dentist.

If you have not read that article yet, then you can have a detailed read here before you go more into this current article.

 Continuing with our current article, you may think why discuss Asia or in particular India? Well, there is a reason behind creating this list.

New online dental stores are being seen all over the world. But the most vigorous growth has been in India, China & other South Asian countries. In the last 5 years, more than 100 small to big online dental stores have emerged claiming to change the lives of the dentist.

The largest consumption of the dental products is in the Asian & South Asian markets of India & China. For example, India with its population of 1 billion consumers is the most attractive market for all types of companies including dental enterprises.

Online Dental Stores


For next many years, India & China are going to be the biggest consumer markets for every company.

No company (with a CEO in right sense) can ever dare to overlook the combined buying potential of 1 billion consumers in India, which will only increase further.


Online Dental Shops


Considering this humungous population there is also the associated exponential rise in the consumption of dental materials and products. This is due to the increasing dental health awareness in Asia & India. More people (from poor to rich) are now much more responsive to dental treatments and DENTISTS.

In the context mentioned above, we decided to cover some of the top online dental stores in Asia (particularly in India) so that dentists have more options to get their dental supplies.

Before we actually go into checking out the online stores, let us first have a look at the perceived benefits of online dental stores. These are some of the benefits that an online dental store can provide:


Online Dental Stores

But as the saying goes, not every good thing is always right. There are so many dental online stores now. So, you as a paying customer and a dentist must know how to differentiate a good online store from an average one. So, in this article, we have done the assessment based on certain points to help you make the choice.

Point to note: Please note that we have covered the Online Dental Stores based on the following characters:

  • The quality of the Website.
  • The range of the Top Dental brands provided.
  • Prices & discounts being offered to the dentists.
  • Payment Gateways & Security.
  • Customer service & response.

By no means, this is an all-inclusive list. With time, we will be updating with more online stores. This is just for your information and before making any purchase please be careful about the following points. 

Recommended reading: Before you go for purchasing dental products for your practice from an online store, you need to check these 7 points:

Please note: In this article, we have only covered some of the popular the online dental stores currently available in India. We will cover the others from different countries in next upcoming posts.

The stores are arranged in numbers for convenience. The number does not indicate hierarchy or any ranking.

Disclaimer:  This post in just for the purpose of information. We cannot guarantee the performance of the stores. The points you are going to read are derived from the discussions with fellow dentists. We suggest the 7 points look out when you are buying dental products online. So, keep a note of the points.


This is the first the dental e-commerce/online dental store, from which I had ordered products. The first time I had bought was without much verification and because of the urgency for a particular periodontal probe, that was not available with my local dental supplier. I got the periodontal probe in a week for COD. This was in 2011.

PinkBlue review - buy Dental Products online

Since then I have seen this dental e-commerce venture emerge as perhaps the fastest growing e-commerce venture in the dental sector. I had the chance to interact with its founders and team, and they are very driven to be the best dental e-commerce venture with the best customer service. 

Best points about that are beneficial to dentists:

a) It checks all the 7 points of online purchase safety for dentists.

b) 25000 plus product catalog with dental supplies from all the TOP Dental Brands of the World. (covering all the dental specialties)

c) They provide cash back on every purchase. provides a good range of discounts on the purchase of bulk dental products.

d) They also have a section of products exclusively required by dental students (1st year to final year)

e) My personal customer experience while buying the products has been good. The PinkBlue team was responsive to my queries. They do have a dedicated customer care section and number and are very responsive.

e) Recently they started PinkBlue Club (for dentists who get their products exclusively from Any dentist or hospital from India can join this membership. Under the club membership, there are many assured benefits like cash back, free additional stuff along with your purchases.

Another point about exclusively for young dentists who are planning or in the process of setting up their first dental clinic.

The team of provides strategical and logistical support to young dentists who are starting out with their professional practice. The team of PinkBlue specialists helps the young dentists in making the correct choice based on his/her budget, specialization & other requirements. This is very helpful for 1st-time dentists who are just starting out. You can see more details on this program below:

PinkBlue – New Dental Clinic Setup

Biggest Dental Supplies Store Online with the widest catalogue at the best prices.

You can check more details on the Pinkblue club at this official link:

PinkBlue – Club

Biggest Dental Supplies Store Online with the widest catalogue at the best prices.

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