The Most Iconic Photo of a Doctor That Shocked the Whole World & Story Behind It

The Most Iconic Photo of a Doctor That Shocked the Whole World. Read to know the story behind this iconic picture.

We are discussing one of the most iconic pictures ever taken in the world of health science.

We already discussed Dr. Zbigniew Religa and his assistant in the picture. There is one more character in the picture – the one on the operating bed on which the surgery was carried out.

Meet Zitkevits Tadeusz, currently 88 years old. He has outlived the surgeon who gave him a new lease of life. He is the living proof of the dedication and knowledge of the health professionals all over the world.

Wrapping up the article:

Dr. Zbigniew Religa, alongside the scientific activity and chased a career in politics. He was a candidate in I2005 to run in the presidential elections. Although he lost, he remained at the forefront, serving Health Minister of Poland from 2005 until 2007.

He didn’t have the opportunity to put candidature in elections again after 2009. It was due to the event of lung cancer, which was the reason to prematurely cut the thread of his life. Although he knew as a doctor the dangers of smoking a cigarette, he was a maniac smoker. When the disease is detected, it was already at a very advanced stage.

The funeral was held at the cemetery & broadcasted live on television. Attending the ceremony was both the photographer, Stanfilnt and the 88-year-old Zitkevits Tadeusz, who holds as an amulet the photo through the surgery with the doctor-hero at his side.