The Great Story of Conservative Dentistry - How to make a best cavity preparation ?

He was Always Teased on the Big Size Cavity He Made in Pre Clinical Class

Dantdas best friend, Hatchet Kapoor has decided to make the most of it.

He says, “Dantdas was a very bright student. His followers in Facebook and Twitter were large and wide like his cavity preparations.

But over the past few days he was traumatized by hearing repetitive tantrums and cliché stuffs from the staff.

He was constantly haunted and horrified by phrases like, ‘your cavity is so deep’, ‘do you want to swim in it’, ‘why don’t you jump into the cavity’.

Do you see the size of this cavity ??? It’s like bay of Bengal !!!

His drastic step actually reflects what his teachers wanted him to do since so many days”.

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