The Future Of Dentistry in India – 7 Problems & 12 Solutions

In the previous slides, we discussed the top 7 problems faced by dentists and dentistry in India. Moving forward, the author will now review the probable solutions.

How do we fight for the Future of Dentistry in India?

Dental Practice Management
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1. Awareness Campaigns:

Mass campaigns to educate not just the general public, but also other healthcare professionals regarding oral and dental diseases and deformities.

2. Impeccable clinical and ethical skills:

We must have mentorship programmes made mandatory for new graduates before they open their clinical setups. There’s so much more to dentistry than what is taught in colleges. Continuing Dental Education programmes are doing their bit, and we must make the most of them to keep our skills honed.

3. Tackling Dental Quackery:

We must denounce quackery vocally, publicly and unanimously. There are laws against quackery, which we must take refuge of.

Quackery is a much-neglected aspect of dentistry. It is still prevalent in many urban areas and the majority of the small towns/semi-urban and rural areas. Collectively and economically it costs legitimate dentists millions every year.

We have previously covered in detail about dental quackery in India and how to tackle it effectively.


4. Dental Insurances and Insurances for Dental Practice:

Dental Practice Management
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An enormous segment of the Indian Population never visits a dentist simply because they cannot afford it. Insurance can take care of this.

The patient pays a yearly premium which can cover all necessary procedures, and afterward, the dentist can claim his expenses from the insurance company.

It is a win-win situation for all parties involved. In fact, all developed countries provide dental insurance to their citizens in some form.

5. Indemnity Insurance:

Every dentist must protect ourselves from litigation, libel, slander, and fraudulent practices of others. Luckily, many associations provide group insurance to dentists.

Dentists should also get into the habit of taking insurance for their practice. However, many dentists tend to neglect this aspect. Read the article below to understand in detail the importance of insurances for a dentist and how it can safeguard your dental practice.

Top 7 Insurances For Dentists – Dental Practice Management

The article continues in the next slide with more solutions (Number 6, 7, 8 & 9) to improve the future of dentistry in India. Go to next slide

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