The Future Of Dentistry in India – 7 Problems & 12 Solutions

What are the TOP 7 Problems faced by Dentists in India and what are the 12 Answers to improve that state of dentistry in India? This post will answer all the doubts you may have regarding a career in Dentistry in India.

What Are The Problems with Dentistry in India?

(Please note that we are just trying to mention the general problems gathered after talking to many dentists)

 4. The Experience of the patients:

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Patients’ experiences play a humongous role in deciding what kind of dentists we make out ourselves to be.

The experiences can range from pain and horror to just not liking the ambiance of the operatory area.

We must invest in our practices accordingly, keeping in mind how we would like to be treated in case we, find ourselves on the other side of the dentist chair.

5. Taking Dental Health/Treatments Awareness Campaigns more Seriously: (Making People Aware that Dentists are also Doctors)

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Those of us who are already in jobs, whether in government or corporate sector, are lucky to be so since at present the newer graduates are finding it difficult to find any.

With the rising number of dental graduates year after year, the establishment finds itself one step behind regarding job creation and workforce absorption.

Most hospitals find themselves in doldrums before investing in a dental setup because of lack of awareness regarding what treatment procedures a dentist is capable of undertaking.

Hence, it is not just the general public that needs to be targeted during awareness campaigns; the policymakers need to know our indispensability and treat us at par with other healthcare professionals.

We are doctors first and foremost, irrespective of who says or thinks otherwise.

It is a complete non-question. However, still many people put forward this question – “Are Dentist’s Doctors?” Read the article below to know more.

Are Dentists Doctors?

6. Uneven distribution of Dentists:

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Then, there’s the problem of unevenness in the distribution of dentists. Almost everyone wants to work and practice in cities/urban areas, which explains why city dentists clamor for space and patients, while rural dentists make do with cheaper provisions because supplies are hard to come by.

It also roughly explains in a way why treatment charges have no uniformity between urban and rural areas.

In a previous article, we compared in detail on the advantages and disadvantages of practicing dentistry in urban areas versus small towns.

Where to Set Up Your Dental Practice – Urban Areas vs Small Towns?

7. Not following Dental Protocols:

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There’s also the problem of we dentists not conforming to ethics and strict protocols regarding sterilization and other clinical practices.

Some of us resort to quackery to earn a quick buck; some of us even go to the extent of conniving with quacks to establish our own growing practices.

If this is how we plan on managing our chosen profession, then I very sadly and regretfully have to state that state-of-the-art advances in Modern Dentistry like lasers, Digital Smile Design, Guided Implantology, Full-mouth Rehabilitation, CAD-CAM, Digital Practice Management and other advanced modalities will but remain a pipe dream for us to perform, and for our patients to benefit from.

The Future of Dentistry in India must aim to resolve the glitches as mentioned above in our ecosystem.

However, all is not lost on us dentists. There seems to be a silver lining to every dark cloud, and I am of the opinion that Indian Dentistry is no exception. It is where The Utopia of Indian Dentistry becomes every dentist’s dream ecosystem.

There have been dentists who have been striving to make this dream a reality with varying degrees of success. If we all strive together to this end, I see no reason why we must be stuck in limbo; rapid strides towards progress can only be made with joint efforts.

So what are the solutions to all the problems mentioned above? What is the way forward for a better scenario of dentistry in India? 

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