With changing times, dentistry is also changing. Patients are expecting more and more convenience. A visit to dentist is considered as stressful job. So, reputed dental clinics are also going all in their capacity to make the visit of their patient as comfortable as possible.



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Dentistry, world over, is going through some major changes.

This change is not only confined to the technological advances in dentistry.

This change also includes the change in the mindset of dental profession.

As we mentioned in one of our last post, the new Moto of dentistry is

Dentistry + Entrepreneurship = Dentist-Preneur

If you assess closely then you will realise that, dentistry is a service providing business.

Here the dentist provides his expertise to his clients to reduce the dental pain and improve the dental aesthetics.

A dental set up has to carter to all types of patients. Poor to Middle Class to Ultra Rich.

And rich patients have some very specific expectation.

MyDentist group of Dental Chains in UK has come out with some innovative

offerings exclusively for the Super Rich Patients/Clients

All these facilities aim at making the entire experience of dental treatment as comfortable as possible for the client.

The high-end practice – which claims to be one of the world’s only 7-star dental boutiques on its website – was established in 2013, and moved to its flagship location on Harley Street in 2015. 

The surgery also partners with clinics across the UK that “fit within a luxury private practice environment,” and considers its business model as “very similar to Uber or Airbnb.”

YourDentist Corporation specialises in all forms of Dentistry

(general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry)

and unsurprisingly many times only accepts private patients – many of whom are celebrities.

The company is also in a rapid mode of expansion adding multiple new clinics all over UK.

They are also trying to get premium dental clinics providing services to rich clients in to their network.

Well in some way its really good to see dentistry evolve in so many ways.

We sincerely hope that this type of premium dentistry soon reaches to your country also.

Just check out some of the Jaw Dropping pictures of the Facilities at MyDentist Chains of Dental Set up

As per the official website of My Dentist

We genuinely believe that we can make a massive difference to our patients lives. The treatments we provide improve the quality of life for our patients immeasurably. However the treatment from doesn’t just end once you step out of our door. We have Patient Concierge Vehicles which we use to take our patients to and from appointments.

We put these Bentleys in place not just to help ease some of the anxiety that our patients are feeling but so that they can arrive for their treatment and get home again knowing that they are in safe hands. To our knowledge no other dental practice takes these steps to ensure patient care.

These are just a few of the ways that stands out from other clinics. We are always trying to offer our patients a fuller service whilst always ensuring the best treatment.

 The 7 Star Interiors

Patient Comfort Re-Defined

Your Dentist UK also provides some of the most luxurious set up to the patients.

Just have a look at the clinic interiors and be amazed.

Here’s a closer look at the inside of a dentist’s surgery room. YourDentist’s team of dentists is led by Dr. Emmanuele Clozza, who trained at the University of Trieste in Italy and at New York University’s College of Dentistry. “To say that his medical team’s procedures are life changing is an understatement,” the spokesperson said.

The Concierge Lounge, where patients can relax with a complimentary glass of Champagne, is certainly an upgrade from regular dentist waiting rooms.

After settling in, patients can settle their nerves with a complimentary drink. “We have a patient concierge lounge which looks more like a boutique hotel and offer patients Champagne as well as a selection of teas from around the world,” the representative from YourDentist said.

Truly it’s patient comfort redefined.

It does come with a price tag.

But for many a visit to a dentist can be very stressful and they won’t mind some extra hard money to feel more comfortable during their entire experience of dental treatment.

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