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The Success of Dental Practice depends a lot on the Proper Marketing. This post will tell you the two effective ways to promote your dental practice.

In this article, we will discuss on 2 most effective ways for the promotion of your dental practice. Use these 2 ways to make your dental practice more popular.

How to Market Your Dental Practice?

The trick to successful dental practice management

The Mantra of Promotion in Dental Practice Management 

Be More Visible to be more Sellable

Be More Visible & be more valuable

In simple words – it’s the world of promotion and marketing.

Whether you like it or not, much of your success as a dentist is completely

dependent on how effectively you are marketing yourself.

This modern era dentistry is very different from the professional clinical practice that was prevalent a decade back.

A decade back all a fresh dentist had to do was 3 simple things:

  1. Find a Location for his/her professional set up.
  2. Set up his/her establishment & get the necessary equipment.
  3. And just start treating patients. Make name & money.

But in today’s time, it is the completely opposite. The numbers of doctors in urban sectors have increased tremendously. The cost of setting up a professional clinic have also increased and patients also have many dental practices to choose from.

So just being good in your dental skills in not enough anymore.

Yes, knowing your craft is very essential,

but along with that you need one more powerhouse on your hand 

“A Proper Marketing Campaign”

Dental Practice management

The 2 ways that we will discuss are easy to implement. Yes, they do require an investment of finance from your end. But you have to realize that unless you spend money to make your dental practice better, you cannot increase its revenue. It’s one of the most effective & successful ways of dental practice management.

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Dental Clinical Practice Marketing

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we are discussing the 2 most effective ways for the promotion of your dental practice. Use these 2 ways to make your dental practice more popular. Next point to discuss is

The Local Community Marketing

(The Most Crucial Marketing for Success)

With so many Dentists around,

Why a patient should come To you ???

You Have To Make Yourself Sell-able

Each dental practice is like a company.

And you are the boss/CEO/Employee of that company.

So you need to do a successful marketing.

But You Need to Be Wise in Marketing 

Mind it – you don’t need to spend millions in marketing.

Be innovative.

Understand that your 1st priority is

the community that you reside in.

The best way to market and promote your dental practice is to aim the public at your local community rather than distant social media promotion.

Social media is already too crowded and it’s not worth it to spend a larger amount of money and time on it. If fact, you should use social media promotion in such a way that it takes you closer to your patients in your locality and the nearby areas.

We will see the value of social media in the next slide of this article.

You need to understand that you are not going to have overnight foreign patients visiting your dental practice.

The majority of your patients will be from your local community and they will be the ones who will make your dental practice successful provided you make them happy by providing a great treatment and soothing experience.

How to make a Presence in your Community as a Dentist?

  1. Attend local social functions and be a sponsor of the local events.
  2. Make contributions and deliver speeches on dental career/care in school, colleges and community gatherings on health care & awareness.
  3. Attend treatment camps being conducted by other doctors & organizations.
  4. Visit rural places to provide dental treatment.(for free)
  5. The goal is to make yourself visible in your local community.
  6. Slowly & steadily you will rise the ladder up.
  7. Buy print ads to promote your practice in local newspapers or try to write health articles in the local magazines.
  8. You can also use Radio for speech & promotion. Spend money in purchasing an evening slot on Radio to promote your dental practice. That’s one of the easiest ways to get close to your local community.
  9. Don’t spend too much on online marketing. Your clinic is not an on-line market like amazon.  Your promotion must target the local population first.
  10. Don’t over-estimate social media and Facebook promotion. That’s better for big corporations and websites.

The dental practice is first, always a “local system” based in the local community.

“Target the Local Public”

That only can give you name, fame & money as a Dentist.

That is the most important rule of dental practice management.

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Importance of Online & Social Media Promotion

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we are discussing the 2 most effective ways for the promotion of your dental practice. Use these 2 ways to make your dental practice more popular. Next point to discuss is

On-Line Marketing V/S Local In Person Promotion

Is On-Line Marketing Really Effective?

Dental Practice Management


The 2nd most accessible mode of marketing for a dentist is Online Marketing.

With the advancement of internet, every aspect of our life is having an online presentation.

We are buying & selling things online.

Fixing appointments online.

Booking hotels & travels online.

And in such a scenario a dentist must learn to take advantage of the online mode of marketing. As a dental professional in the 21st century, this is one aspect of marketing that no dentist can afford to neglect anymore.

Modes of Online Marketing

[Website Based Marketing]

Having Your Own Website – That’s very essential. Get a website as soon as possible for your dental practice and add relevant information about your dental practice.

  1. A good website acts as a great reference point for any prospective patient (who has perhaps been referred by one of their friends) to have an idea about your set up and the services you provide.
  2. Update & Maintain your Website – Hire a good web designer to get the website designed for you. Update your site with correct information about yourself and services.
  3. Take good & neat photos of your clinic and place them on the website. Take care to post good pictures sterilization methods. That’s a great convincing point for prospective patients. You can cosmetic before & after pictures. refrain from posting dental extraction pics with blood in it. It can be a big turn off for the patient looking at your website.
  4. Good SEO: Ask your website designer to take care of the website SEO so that your dental practice website is showed in the search results when a prospective patient from a nearby area searches for a dental practice.
  5. Online appointment Booking: Make systems at your clinic website so that patients can book their appointments online. It’s a very useful tool and will have instant results.

There are many more features that a dental practice website needs. To discuss all the points requires a separate article. Have a look at the article mentioned below.

For more details on the features, your dental practice website must have, read the article below. Keep a note of the points mentioned in the article and ask your website designer to provide the features. Without these features, a dental practice website will not be efficient in marketing.

Top 5 Features Your Dental Practice Website – Dental Practice Management

[Social Media Marketing]

There are so many social media outlets that can be used for marketing.







more !

The most popular social media platforms in all the countries are Facebook & Twitter. So you can plan your social media promotion with Facebook.

 Facebook Promotion

Facebook promotion can be done via opening a profile or page for your dental clinic. In one of the previous posts have discussed in detail on “How a dentist can use Facebook for the promotion of dental practice?” You can read the article below.

Dental Practice Management – How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Dental Practice

Coming back to the question under discussion in this article

Is Facebook promotion really helpful?

We discussed in the previous slide that a dental practice is mostly a locally based model.

So, please don’t overestimate the social promotion.

A social promotion without local promotion is of no use.

First,  you need to work hard to make a name & presence in your local market & community. Make a name for yourself and your dental practice. For that, you can use the 10 Points to Make your dental practice popular mentioned in the previous slide.

Once you feel that you have made a certain amount of presence in the local community & nearby areas, then go for the social promotion.

In facebook, you have the options to promote the page/profile about your clinic by paying a certain amount. The prices vary depending on the number of people you want to see the advertisement about your dental practice in their news feed.

Facebook promotions don’t come cheap. So, target your ads properly to the correct demographic for maximum benefit.

So, target your ads properly to the correct demographic for maximum benefit.

Remember the goal of your facebook advertisement should not be to reach the maximum number of people. It should be to reach the maximum number of people in and around your locality. Facebook gives you option while creating the ads.

For example, if you have your clinic in ” New York ” and your Facebook ads appear to someone in India- it’s if no use to you. So, you need to learn how to target your Facebook ads properly so that they yield you the best results.

 (But lately Facebook is not a very good platform for promotion especially if you are a new dentist in the market as the charges are very high. Social media is already too crowded and it’s not worth it to spend money and time on it if you are just beginning.)

Instead of completely depending on Facebook promotion:

  1. Use it as a tool to connect with your previous patients.
  2. Ask your patients to join your Facebook page. Request them to give good rating and reviews on your Facebook page.
  3. Promote your ads targeting the audience in your city and nearby places. That’s most effective.

Google On-Line Promotion

This is one more most popular mode of Online promotion.

You can use google ad-words to promote your dental setup to your target demographic.

This is again a topic that needs a detailed explanation. We have already published an article on this which talk in detail about all the tools to create an online presence of your dental practice. You can read the article below:

How To Create Online Presence For Your Dental Practice – Dental Practice Management

Final Take

You need to realize that only social/online promotion is not guaranteed to give you a busy practice. They are always adjuncts that can enhance the promotion your are doing on your local community. 

The main reason that will make you a successful practitioner is the amount of promotion you do in your local community & the amount you good work you do to back up the promotion.

Being known in your local community is the success mantra and the golden rule of dental practice management.

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