A trip to the dentist is viewed with at least some amount of doubt & fear by millions of people

 As a Dentist you need to realise that for a patient, the visit to a dentist is a very stressful scenario. So, as a dentist your success depends how your ability to relax your patient. This article will tell you about certain points that you can add in your clinical set up, which will calm down your patients. These additions are NOT very costly and easily affordable. So read on and adopt these points if they suit you.

A relaxed dental clinic is the best clinic.

A trip to the dentist is viewed with at least some amount of doubt & fear by millions of people,

which can lead to delayed or canceled appointments, resulting in lost revenue for you – and seriously compromised oral health for them.

Solutions available to patients range from stress management techniques like focused breathing and positive visual imagery to more extreme medical options like sedation dentistry,

but as a dental professional there is something you can do to help all of your patients at once.

Make an effort to create a relaxing atmosphere in your dental practice.

Decorating your practice well can make all the difference for your anxious patients.

Here are a few of the essentials that every dentist’s office should have:

 1.Interesting Paintings or Photographs

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This is particularly vital for your examination rooms.

Hanging visually intriguing (yet relaxing) pictures or paintings on the walls will give your patients something to focus on other than the procedure at hand.

Think landscapes, ocean scenes, and anything done in calming shades of blue and green.

Avoid putting pictures related to dental care (especially if they feature images of gum disease or tooth decay, or intimidating dental instruments) directly in your patients’ line of vision while they’re reclining in the chair.


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Fill your waiting room with potted plants and many patients will feel instantly at ease. Why? Because plants are visually appealing and help create a soothing environment.

Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with real plants, or if you can’t commit to watering and caring for real plants, look for lifelike artificial ones instead.

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Next 2 Amazing Ways to relax patients

3.A television

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Patients love to watch TV while they have their dental work done, and for good reason: TV is the ultimate distraction!

Give them the remote and let them choose whatever they’d like to watch.

Frequently, access to a television is more than enough to quell any nervousness and get people through their appointment without incident.

4. Relaxing Music

Music being played should be easy going and soft music creating a sort of calmness in the patients and relaxing them. Anything too loud should be avoided as it may increase the anxiety level of the patient.


An aquarium that is clean and well maintained also acts as a stress buster. It should be placed strategically in a place where it is clearly visible

. It not only is engaging for the children but it also delivers a sense of calm to the adults. If you research on internet there are many studies in which it has been reported that watch a fish swim in water has a very calming effect and it relaxes the visitors to your dental clinic.

6. Colors

Choose the right colors. Don’t go for high impact (and high stress) hues like reds, oranges or bright yellows; instead, stick to pastels and cooler colors to create a more laid-back atmosphere.

Though these few points might seem trivial , but they go a long way in maintaining the calmness of the patient. A visit to a dental clinic is always a kind of stress for many people . So the more relaxed they feel in the clinic the better it is for them as well as the dentist. Taking care of the above said things a dentist can dramatically gather a good name in the practice.