Earning capacity of a Dental Student - The Truth & Rumor of Finances



Let me start by saying that MDS till today remains the most preferred option for a BDS graduate. That has not changed with time.

But what has changed with time is the situation around MDS. 

A decade ago, the number of dental graduates passing every year was low. That time there was not much need for MDS degree. The BDS graduate had all the chances to be established in a short span of time. Simple reason being less number of dentists and a large market for private practice. So students did MDS if they wanted to. There was no compulsion for it. It was relatively easy to get a govt seat.

Few private MDS colleges were there and prices were less. For any MDS pass out there were enough openings to join as staff and get that financial security.

With time the scenario changed. Opening colleges became a way for the powerful and rich to stash in their unaccounted money in a white manner.  DCI just kept on giving approval to any one or any group of people who had the land, money and power to construct a college. Dental colleges just kept coming up here, there and every where. The number of BDS seats just kept on increasing without any check. At present on an average , there are around 20,000 plus dental graduates every year.

This sudden increase in BDS graduates changed the entire scenario.

It started a mad fight for MDS seats.

Both for govt. and management seats. 20,000 plus BDS graduates every year and less than half MDS seats all over India (including govt and private).

This situation was used by the Colleges and Administrators wisely.

Govt MDS seats were very limited with reservations and quotas.

So students started to join private MDS seats. Colleges increased the price of each MDS seat in lakhs. We will have a detail look on the complete finance related to a MDS seat in  the present times .

Due to increasing population and extremely high level of competition students have become desperate for their future and they are ready to do anything for survival.

So, they spend lakhs of money to get that MDS seat which might provide them security that they desire.

In this article we will see approximately how much are you investing

and how much are you getting back.

In Next Slide see the Detailed Step by Step –

The total money you are spending in Dental Education.

All Expenditures calculated to give you an idea.