HOW TO PREPARE FOR DENTAL EXAMS ? The trips and tricks to prepare for dental educational exams starting from dental graduation to higher degrees.

FAST and STEADY (STUDY) Wins the Race

YOUR RACE FOR Dental Exams Entrance Preparation – Part I

The title of this page aptly chosen to highlight for what is actually needed for Dental Entrance preparation. It is a small modification of the old proverb – slow and steady wins the race’.

For Dental Entrance Exams all over the world one rule is common. Entrance preparation, you should be FAST as well as STUDY.

(STEADY) in your approach in preplanned strategy.

This is written keeping in view different entrances. If we have common entrance we guess that the paper will be in line with a single exam and the strategy changes accordingly. The database analysis is the essence of interviewing many toppers about their viewpoint on the strategies that led them to success.

Dear Aspirants

First of all, I would like to wish all the students a great success in the times ahead.

In fact I am very much annoyed by the comments made by some bloggers and inexperienced colleagues on the internet on how to prepare for dental entrances.

Our new aspirants are being carried away by the suggestions given by them which is not practical also. One of the friends suggested reading some 50 textbooks.

I can guess he might have never prepared for the dental entrance exams or might have never succeeded after many attempts & still reading to complete this textbooks.

Dear friends, first of all, let me make clear what all you see on all these social sites and the discussions being carried is only less than 2% of the total number of candidates appearing for various entrances and the toppers on these sites are less than 0.2% of the total number of successful candidates.

This article was written with a vast experience and by scientific methodology after interviewing with the many toppers and who have lost despite preparing well for the exams.

The group included dentists who have successfully qualified for various dental exams. Apart from this, we have included those who have lost despite their hard work.

By posting this I don’t mean to hurt my co-bloggers and authors of various books including mine as I have also faced some critical remarks for my books also.

“Nothing succeeds like success”

After all, successful men are the role models today.

This theme is made for you in association with many aspirants like you. It is meant to make your preparation effective, yet not harder. It is based upon the experience of many toppers who succeeded in various PG entrance examinations. As you know a prerequisite for success in any PG entrance exam is: “Right type of information at the right time”

 Step #1. When to Start Preparation?

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