The best quotes from Dr. Kalam that will Inspire Doctors.

The Great Soul Dr. Abdul Kalam Was a great Citizen of the the World and his contribution to the development of science & space – satellite.

And particularly for India he was a pioneer as the achievements he planned and achieved spearheading the projects at a very limited budget and manpower.

We all at DentalOrg were always inspired by his achievements & humble personality.

He always connected with the youngsters. He will always remain within us via his teachings.

That’s why in our own small way we are trying to bring out some of the most inspiring aspects of his life to all doctors.

Yes, Dr. Kalam was a man of Science. But first & foremost he was a great teacher. His quotes and experiences of life were always aimed at all the youngsters coming from every nook & corner of India.

You might be a Doctor, an Engineer or a pilot or a paper boy. It doesn’t matter. His teachings has the power to elevate you to something better.

That’s why Dr. Kalam from a humble beginning of his career as a paperboy, elevated himself in education and ethics to not only be father of Indian Nuclear Power but also the most loved president ever.

Read the post and be inspired to do better in your life and career as a Doctor.

1.  Dreams

All young doctors and dental surgeons have many dreams. They want to succeed professionally and personally. In today’s modern world the price and cost of dreams are high and laced with difficulties. That does not mean you should lose hope. Many health professionals are going through that phase of uncertainty.

Well, as Dr. Kalam said ” Don’ lose hope. Don’t stop dreaming. “

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How To Face Difficulties ?

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2. Difficulties

Being a Doctor is not simple. Its a very complex process. Doctors go through years of dedication and lot of difficulties to prepare themselves to serve the humanity.

All thorough their life they keep healing people and reducing their pain.

So, my dear doctor friend, don’t be disheartened when facing difficulties.

As Dr. Kalam said – ” Difficulties are the tools that help you understand you hidden talent and will power.”

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How to learn from failures ?

3. Learn from Failures

Don’t get sucked in to failures. Every failure has something to teach. Dr. Kalam famously said that all young professionals should read the failure stories of all the successful people before they became a success.

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Form good habits for Success

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4. Form Good Habits

No one has seen future and its difficult to predict it. The only time you can be closest to your intended future when you are forming good habits. Good habits keep you healthy and give you discipline. Discipline teaches you inner strength and belief. This belief is what that gives you success or as close to success as possible.

In short form good habits and rest will follow you. It’s never been more true than in this modern age.

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Be always grateful

5. Always Be Grateful

Doctors are getting to the habit of always complaining about everything. Not only doctors people from all spheres of life and getting in to this syndrome.

Whenever you feel like that – Just close your eyes and think about all that you have in your life to be thankful about.

In our day to day issues we forget to notice all the good things that we have been given.

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Be Kind & Humble

6. Be Kind & Humble

Being a Doctor is a gift from the almighty. We have been chosen by fate to be the healers of the world. So, always be kind and humble because that’s the real essence of  life !

Have you ever though why Dr. Kalam was so popular ? ? ?

It was not because he was a great Scientist.

It was not because he was perhaps the first ever ” People’s President “

He was popular & loved because he was a man who at the height of success never changed. He always remained the same humble & caring soul. He Lives forever now among all the students he inspired all though his life.

So, We hope all doctors are feeling inspired and motivated after reading these simple but life changing points. Salute to Dr. Kalam and let’s all work for a better tomorrow – for US and The Country.