[NBDE, DDS, NDBE & NEET] Self Assessment Before Trying HIgher Dental Exams

Self Questions Before You Plan To Prepare For Higher Dental Degree Exams

Q3. Are You Willing to Learn & Evolve?

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Preparing for PG/ NBDE / MOH/ ORE etc or any higher dental exam inside your country or abroad

demands storing lots of data in your mind and the training to solve MCQs fast and correctly.

It needs lots & lots of reading and then recalling the subjects back at the right time.

Remember you can’t keep thinking of a solution.

There is simply no time to do that. The answers should be spontaneous.

So, in the end, it all comes down to ” How willing are you to learn and evolve ” to face the exams.

Can you Adapt?

For dentists who want to work abroad as a dentist must ask themselves – Can I adapt to a new culture in a new country.

Every country has its own way of social rules, a way of dentistry and consumer rules.

So, one needs to study it properly before making a plan to move abroad as a dentist.

Otherwise, all the new ways will come as a shock to you.

Q4.Are you a self-motivator?

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Preparing for higher dental exams is a tough job.

Many times people lose hope and it seems this mammoth task that is impossible to complete.

At that time you have to take yourself off the ground and start again.

You are aiming for Masters / Higher Education !!! and expecting someone to keep pampering you is foolishness. So, are supposed to motivate yourself. That is the only way how the success stories are written.

 Q5. Do you have Consistency?

To master the particular subject and to become best in it, needs a lot of regularity and discipline.
Discipline & consistency here doesn’t mean that you become like a school going kid trying to cram up everything.
Here it means that you know how to control yourself and keep your study consistent.
The higher education dental exams are so tough that in order to succeed in them, you need to be very consistent in your preparation.

Q6. Are you an organized person?

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I know dental students/dentists have lots of subjects and work to do, this makes them look like the most unorganized person. But here I am not asking you to keep your table clean and your room well maintained, here I am asking the about the mental organization?
  1. Do you have the plan and tendency to set priorities, which work should be done when?
  2. Can you plan up properly how to study so many subjects?
  3. Are you able to balance the long hours of study and other daily commitments?
  4. Are you ready for the long years of study without much financial strain until you start earning?

Anyone can say on face value that he or she is consistent. But do not ever tell lies to yourself. Sincerely ask yourself all the points mentioned above.

But do not ever tell lies to yourself. Sincerely ask yourself all the points mentioned above.

There can be many such questions depending on the individual in consideration.

So ask yourself, if you will be able to maintain all these things during preparation?

Think sincerely and try to find the answers. If you feel from your inside (considering all the financial and educational facts) that you are up to the task then go for the goal.

But after assessment, if you find yourself lacking in any of the factors required to succeed in the highly competitive higher dental exams, then it is better that you change your goal.

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