PIYP: Practice Management in Your Pocket – A Revolutionary Dental Practice Management For Every Dentist

In this post, we are going to discuss a revolutionary product, PIYP (Practice in your pocket) for dentists that can greatly simplify a dentist's day to day life by helping him/her to better manage the dental practice.

In this post, we are going to discuss a revolutionary product, PIYP (Practice in your pocket) for dentists that can greatly simplify a dentist’s day to day life by helping him/her to better manage the dental practice.

The features of PIYP gives a detailed analysis of all the aspects of your dental practice.

As an added bonus it also helps to get the best out of Dentrix dental practice management software.

We have covered all the useful features of PIYP for a dentist in a list format.

Introduction: The significance of PIYP for a dentist

The everyday life of a dentist is not easy.

Owning & managing a dental practice is equivalent to donning many professional hats at the same time.

Other than being a dental surgeon responsible for carrying out successful dental procedures you are also responsible for other aspects related to your practice such as:

Software Engineer: A dentist needs to effectively use a dental practice management software. So, you need to learn how to use the software (for e.g. Dentrix) and also to troubleshoot it. The goal being to be able to use the software more effectively.

Financial Analyst:  Running a dental practice involves a lot of financial matters. As a dentist, you need to analyze the finances of your dental practice. You need to keep a track of the investments, recurring costs, pending payments & the monthly income. All this can get very daunting if you do not have the proper tools.

Public Relations Manager:  Making a connection with the patients is the most integral part of a dental practice. Interacting properly with new patients and staying in touch with previous patients can be the deciding factor for the success or failure of your dental practice.

Entrepreneur: It’ the sum total of all the activities a dentist has to do other than being a dentist. Running a dental practice is like running an enterprise and as the CEO you are ultimately responsible for its success.

In relation to the points we discussed above – there is one product that can immensely help the dentists. This product/software is known as PIYP (Practice in your pocket)

PIYP is your complete dental practice management resource.

In this short post, we are going to assess the product and see how it can improve a dental practice.

Who should use PIYP?

  1. PIYP is a must for every dentist who wants to take their dental practice to the next level.
  2. If you are already owning practice management software like Dentrix and Quickbooks, then PIYP will integrate seamlessly with both the software.
  3. If you want the most accurate real-time analysis and data of your dental practice in a very user-friendly manner then PIYP is for you.

What are the immediate benefits of using PIYP?

Dental Practice Performance at a glance using PIYP

  1. Multidevice Use: PIYP brings the practice management resources to all your devices. It lets you use your practice management tools on mobile devices like phones and tabs. So, you have an immediate access to all the practice management requirements at your fingertips whenever you want. It works on all the operating system like OSX, Windows, iOS & Android.
  2. Easy to use dashboard: PIYP automatically displays the most important or your chosen aspects of your dental practice in a very simple and easy to use dashboard.
  3. Real time to Long Term Analysis: Track the performance of your dental practice on a real time basis. The intuitive PIYP interface enables the dentist to know the statistics of your dental practice on an hourly, monthly, quarterly or any custom duration you want.
  4. Comparative Analysis: PIYP also gives you a comparative idea on the expenditures that you have made on your dental practice vs the revenue generated for a particular time duration.
  5. Regular Reminders: PIYP keeps you updated with any pending expenditure or due payment collection from the patients.

Dental Practice Enhancement Resources using PIYP

  1. Practice Management Video tutorials – providing proven systems and tool for every area of your practice.
  2. Fee Schedule Analysis – know how your fees compare to practices in your region
  3. Procedure Code Analysis – see your top 5 revenue producing procedures. This feature lets you know which dental procedures are making more revenue for your dental practice. This information helps you to be more updated with that treatment procedure. It also helps you to make an informed decision to invest more finance in upgrading the tools for more revenue generating procedure. 
  4. Team Member Profiles – PIYP lets you maintain a complete updated profile of all the team members and technicians working in your dental practice.

Patient Connectivity Tools for dentist using PIYP

  1. TLC Calls – PIYP gives you the power to TLC Calls. This takes the marketing of your dental practice to the next level. New and previous appreciate will appreciate this facility a lot thereby increasing the referrals of your dental practice. 
  2. PIYP also provides you few more options to stay in connect with your patients.
  3. With PIYP you have the power to exponentially increase the effectiveness of your patient relation and care system. This has an immense effect on building a positive reputation of your dental practice.

Dental Practice Over Cost & Finance Management using PIYP

The only way a dental practice can be successful and sustain for a long time is by making consistent net financial profit month after month. A dental practice cannot run with a regular financial loss. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a profitable practice is to control the overhead expenditure. 

PIYP is a great tool to assess & control the overhead expenditure of your dental practice.

  1. After using PIYP you do not need to read through hundreds of line in the excel files to assess your overhead expenditure.
  2. PIYP can seamlessly integrate with your existing Excell Sheets or Quickbooks notes and give you a beautiful and clear information on the overhead expenditures.
  3. Control Your Expenses: The information that you get from the previous feature helps you in controlling the excess expenditures.
  4. Compare your practice: Using PIYP you have the tools to compare the prices and revenue of your dental practice against the industry standards and other practices in your locality or nearby areas.

Conclusion: The Biggest Advantage of using PIYP for a Dentist

The PIYP (Practice in your pocket) dental management software has all the tools that can help your dental practice. If we can summarize all the benefits in a single line then we can say that “PIYP provides the dentist the power of information”

PIYP provides a dentist the information on all the aspects of his/her dental practice. From finance to public relations, all the information are available for the dentist on all the devices for an immediate evaluation. This meticulous information by PIYP makes the dentists aware of the aspects that can be improved in their dental practice.

In the hectic day to day dental practice, many aspects of the practice escape our notice.

PIYP helps in keeping all those aspects in front of the dentist which are crucial for the success of a dental practice.

So, give your dental practice a great boost that is perfect for this modern era. Using PIYP you can concentrate more on providing a better treatment to your patients.

PIPY Dental Practice Management

Check out the official website of PIYP (Practice in your pocket below)

PIYP – Dental Practice Management in Your Pocket

PIYP is a Must for anyone ready to take their practice to the next level and have complete control over success. Automatically communicating with your Dentrix software showing you the most important areas of your practice in a simple to understand dashboard.