A Dental Clinic Based in Nature ! World's Best Eco Friendly Clinic .


In last few articles we have been collecting some of the best made dental clinics in the world. The idea is show you how beautiful, dental clinics can be.

New innovative designs of dental clinics are being planned to give the patient a completely unique feel and experience. In this post we will be looking at some of the clinics that take their patients as close to nature as possible during the visit.

You are surely going to be amazed and happy to see so much innovation.

Minami-Nagano Dental Clinic and Residence

Photo Source & Design : Hiroki Tanabe

The Minami-Nagano Dentai Clinic & Residence offers minimalist architecture and unique experience that is as closer to nature as possible. Tokyo-based architect Hiroki Tanabe drew upon traditional Japanese design themes for the stand-alone dentist office and residence, allowing the soft lighting and spare scenery of the surrounding environment to infuse the building’s spare yet stylish structure.

The central building houses the dental clinic and the side structures are the residence of the dentist that are separate from the main clinic.

The best part about the clinic is its proximity to nature. It has an clear transparent frond end glass through which the patients can see extended fields. It does feel like getting the dental treatment done sitting in the middle of a farm.

The clinic is designed by Hiroki Tanabe. Born in Tokyo, architect Hiroki Tanabe has a strong sensibility for minimal architecture. In this project, a combination dental office and residence, pronounced geometry intersects to create multifaceted spaces. The architecture has a strong Japanese quality to it. Its peaceful and has the feel of a monk college.

Enjoy some of the awesome pictures of the amazing architecture of this dental clinic in the slides 

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Day & Night Views of the clinic

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Its Awesome !


The Amazing Clinical Area

(Its all around Natural Experience for the patient)

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You will Feel Like Being Treated within a Farm

Patient Waiting Room

The Dentist Also lives within the same campus. See the Residence of the Dentist

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The Dentist Residence

Wow no doubt its some awesome designing. Its like being closer to nature and getting the dentist visit also done.

Soon we will bring more amazing dental clinics to you from all over the world. For now you can have a look at the 20 Most Amazingly Designed Dental Clinics in the World


For all of us dentists & dental students, there is one common thing that all of us desire. And that is a place that we can call as : So, for 10 minute just forget all about your worries and just enjoy the look of these amazing beautiful dental clinics.