Online Dental Stores V/S the Local Dental Dealers – Which is Better For Dentists?

Online Dental Stores V/S the Local Dental Dealers - Which is Better For Dentists? A complete analysis of the pros & cons of both the system and how a dentists can them both their advantage.

In this article, we are discussing the merits and demerits of online dental shops and the local dental dealers. In the previous slide, we compared both the systems of dental supplies. 

We ended the previous slide with two questions

Which system is better for you – Online Dental Store or the Local Dental Supplier?

How to choose a good online dental store?

Online dental shop

It is very important that you choose a good and reliable online dental company. It is your hard earned money which you will be spending. So it is highly imperative that you get the correct products in time.

Here are the points that you should be mindful of while deciding to use an online dental store:

(1) Appearance & Style of Website: Though not a sure shot sign but still the design of a website can be indicative of the nature of the website. A well designed and managed website will appear organized, well arranged & will be assuring.

Online Dental Stores

If you notice that the website is not organized, having a lot of haphazard dental products and overall not appearing assuring, then it’s better that you avoid the site. (If an online dental store is not able to craft a good website, then there are doubts about their infrastructure).

(2)The range of dental brands: A good and reliable online dental company will have dental products from all the major known dental brands. There are a lot of counter fake dental products and instruments that are available in the market. So, always look for signature dental brands in an online store.

Online Dental Stores

No online dental store can display the logos of major dental products without permission.

If you are still doubtful, then you can always email the dental product brands and ask them directly if they are selling their products via a particular online dental store.

(3)Look for HTTPS:// – Always look for the secure sign in the browser when visiting an online dental store. This is essential as you will be submitting your personal and payment details at the site. (for example, we have activated https:// protocol at as a sign of security for our visitors)

Also, check that the online dental website is using a proper & secure payment gateway for processing the payments via your cards/bank account. If you notice that there is no proper payment gateway or no “HTTPS://” then it is not safe to enter your personal and payment dentils.

(4) Never order in bulk when you are ordering for the first time order limited products. Do not order high price bulk when ordering for the 1st time. Also, check if the store is providing refunds and replacements for faulty products.

(5) Check for the reviews in the social media: If you want to get some general idea about a particular online dental store, then check for the responses of previous buyers in the official social media pages of the dental store.

Do not just go by random negative reviews. Read the reviews and notice the issues. If many people have complained about faulty dental products or other problems, then you have to be careful. Two points about social media reviews must alert you:

  • If you notice the majority of the comments are negative then there might be issues with the store. Do not just go by random negative reviews. Read the reviews and notice the problem issues. If many people have complained about faulty dental products or other issues, then you have to be careful.
  • If you notice a lot of comments by users, but no or very low number of replies by the company then it is a point of worry.

We have compiled a detailed list of the points that you should be careful of while purchasing dental products online.

Now to answer the final question of this article – Which mode is best for you, Online or the Local Dental Dealer?

Online Dental Store

As we said before – Both the systems are equally important.

It is of practical common sense that you have good business relations with you local dental supplier because of the benefits that we mentioned in the previous slide.

It is also a wise business decision to use the online dental stores for your benefit. Online dental stores provide you the convenience of comparing the prices of various dental products. So, you can choose to buy from the online store that is providing a particular dental product at a more economical price. You also get the benefit of multiple brands in one website. Some of the rare dental products/equipment which you may not find at your local dealer are many times available with dental online stores.

You should get the benefits of both the systems 😀

We are sincerely hoping that after reading this article every dentist is able to utilize the local dental dealer and the online dental stores for the benefit of their dental practice. The points mentioned in this article are applicable to every dentist irrespective of where they are located in the world.

Online Dental Store

You will recall in the initial part of the article we mentioned that India & China are currently driving the majority of the online sales of the dental products in the world. In India, the annual consumption and business of dental related products are reaching almost 1 billion dollars.

That is an insane amount of money involved. Hence it is no surprise that many worldwide dental brands are now opening their bases in India/China. Along with that, there has been the emergence of multiple online dental stores in the efforts to be a part of this huge financial flow.

So, as an adjunct to this article, we have prepared a list of the top performing online dental stores considering some major points like – The size of the investment, the range of dental products and the vision for future.

You can see the complete list of the TOP Performing Online Dental Stores in the billion dollars dental market of Asia & India below.

The TOP 5 Online Dental Stores in Asia & India

Hi there, in this post we are going to have a look at some of the Top Performing Online Dental Stores in Asia & India. In last few posts, we have been analyzing in detail the merits and demerits for a dentist in getting dental supplies from a local dental supplier and online dental stores.

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