Old Dentist V/S New Dentist - Points to learn. The Differences You always notice and what you can learn from those differences.


Its 2016 & onwards. Dentistry has long ceased to be a comfortable, easy money making job.

Yes it still has the potential to be financially very enriching but its getting difficult day by day.

For the fresh Dental Graduates, from being a comfortable respect & money earning profession it has become a fight to survival


There was time when dentistry was one of the most quick fire way to get rich and get respect as a doctor and you know that am telling the truth.

Dentistry Scenario for doctors who graduated 10 – 15 years back

Don’t believe me … Just roam around your city and have a look at all the dental clinics that you feel are doing well.

You will invariably notice that all the dentists who are doing well irrespective of BDS/MDS have graduated around 10 to 15 years back. They not have a running busy practice but everything a new budding dentist of 2015 wants.

In this post we will be seeing the top differences between

Old dentists vs New Generation Dentists

(The Differences You always notice and what you can learn from those differences)

Please Note This Post is just in a fun way with few serious points thrown in .

We can try to learn from each point.

Don’t take it too seriously 😀

(If you still feel offended : ) … Then please visit the nearest psychiatrist)

Lets Start … Go Next … Counting Money

1.Both Are Always Counting

Both the Old generation dentists & New generation dentists are good in counting.

But its a complete different scenario what they are counting.

Counting of New Generation Dentists

New generation dentists are learning how to count the time. They have just started the waiting game.

They are learning the complexities of managing money. As long as in college there was no worry as parents used to send the needed money.


Old generation had already passed that phase of the waiting game. They have paid their wait in time.

Now they are busy in counting the net profit per month.

They are busy in counting the patients they treat per month.

They are busy in counting the appointments they can manage.

Point to learn

Dentistry is a waiting game . Every dentist has to pay that price. Older generation have waited for their time calmly and now they are reaping the benefit.

Dentistry is still a profitable business. The new generation also needs to wait for their time to come. Rather than getting anxious and having negative thoughts be calm and have believe.

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You want to be Like me ?????

2. I know you want to be like me

There is no denying that all of us have that desire to be same like our superior in our respective field. When I see a dentist as a staff and also doing well in practice … I also aspired to be like him. I did

feel a little jealous but in a positive way .

There is no doubt that the senior dentists also know what you are thinking 🙂

Because they were also once like us trying to reach the top. Of course their route might have been a little easy compared to what the new generation dentists are facing but none the less its the same journey.

I know some of the BDS dental graduates who passed 25 to 30 years back and are currently owning dental colleges 😀 Would you believe that !!! Yes its absolutely true !!!

Yes we as a new dentist are envious but in a positive way. We will also work hard and faithfully to reach the best we can.

We just need need to believe that one day we can also scale the heights

Yes We Can

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Seniors Have Such a Nice Clinic

One Day I will Have one

3.One Day I will Have A Clinic Like That

One big fault with the new gen dentists is that they want everything fast and quick. But its wise to realize in 2015 dynamics of the world has changed. You can’t just invest money wildly and think that it will give profits immediately.

You have to start step by step … See the clinic below of one my friend

Its total cost is just 4 lakhs with a second hand chair.

See the clinic below of one of the most seniors and successful dentist in my city

That’s one difference between new generation and old generation dentists. But its inevitable.

We the new generation dentists have to trust our talent and courage that we will also have such a set up one day.

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Escape From Nagging Relatives & Getting Respect

4. Behavior of Relatives

This one irritating as well as a irritating situation.

But its different for a new generation dentist and old generation dentist.

Relatives and New Generation Dentist

This is the most irritating scenario faced by a BDS graduate. While he/she is just finishing internship, his/her close school friends or cousins are already earning at least 20K to 30K in some IT firm. The BDS graduate is in a catch 55 situation.

In social events he/she sees his/her cousins and friends relaxing and oozing with confidence that regular money or salary provides. Then comes the really nasty aunties who start comparing their kids work-salaries and start Bombarding you with questions — When you opening your clinic ? Did you join any college ? How much colleges pay as salary ?

And the final and most irritating – You wont charge me any money beta … in your clinic ?

Your reaction on hearing so much bullshit … “Just shut up you Idiot ” ———>    Phew !!! Social functions become like interrogation sessions …

Relatives and Old Generation Dentist

In comparison just see the response when a senior, seasoned dentist enters a gathering of relatives.

I don’t need to write the words. The picture below shows it all.

Respect keeps pouring for all quarters.

I have seen so many such incidences and always dreamed one day my relatives who are bugging me will line up to show me respect 😀 …

That day eventually came when I finished my MDS and got a job 😀

Ha ha … funny and fulfilling experience.

These points by relatives though annoying, but you can use them as a tool to keep you motivated. Turn a negative thing to positive.

And when you succeed, praise from the same relatives

who were bugging you once feels really so so so good 😀

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What Sets you different is

Last But Not The Least … Hunger To Succeed in You

5. The Burning Hunger To Succeed

The Final point of difference between the Old Gen Dentist & New Gen Dentist. And this is the most significant difference.

Older gen dentists have reached at the top of their game after years of hard work and waiting. Once they reach the top they get all the money and respect they once dreamed of.

They are in a state of feeling content. They have achieved all they desired.

But you the young generation dentist … you have that burning hunger in you. The hunger to succeed, create your name and identity.

The hunger to elevate yourself from being a new graduate to be experienced and successful.

So work hard, improve your clinical skills, take risks to satisfy that hunger of success & every day reach a step closer to where you want to be.

Yes its a waiting game with hard work and that’s what make the success so much sweeter.

Yes … One Day I will Succeed

Well now you have an idea what are the basic points that set apart a New Dentist from an Old Established Dentist.

From each point you can take some thing back, motivate yourself and work towards success.