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Dr. Chinmoy Hazarika. He is a practicing dentist and an avid blogger. He writes at has also authored a Novel "Crooked Crusader: Morally Impaired"

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This article is by Dr. Chinmoy Hazarika and in this article, he is pointing out few points tat can make 2017 awesome for Dentists.

New Ways To Make 2017 Awesome

New Year’s Eve is here, so let me congratulate you on everything you achieved in 2016. May you achieve even more in 2017.

We can think of so many new things to do in order to enjoy a fulfilling life. Money and career aren’t everything in life. Each day will bring new challenges, and each challenge must be overcome with a smile.

Here are a few resolutions we can easily keep in our busy schedule


An active lifestyle is a must. We, dentists, work in sedentary settings. In order to keep fit and healthy, a new exercise curriculum is a must.


We are going to be the last generation of people who love reading because, let’s face it, there aren’t enough good books for the new generation to read anymore.

Movies and television have taken over that void and honestly, these can never replace books.

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#3 & 4 to increase the score good in Dentistry

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