NEET MDS Preparation & NEET MDS Coaching Center in India (Self Study Vs Professional Coaching)

Hi there, BDS warrior! If you are preparing for NEET MDS Entrance and looking for MDS coaching centers that can help you prepare for it, then this article is precisely for you. This article will provide you the answer if you should do self-study or join a coaching center.

Hi there, BDS warrior! If you are preparing for NEET MDS Entrance and looking for MDS coaching centers that can help you prepare for it, then this article is precisely for you. This article will provide you the answer if you should do self study or join a coaching center.

The most common higher educational degree that dental graduates want to pursue after BDS is MDS or Masters in Dental Surgery. With around 9 Superspeciality Dental Branches, BDS graduates have a wide array of streams to choose from. Some of the streams are purely clinical in application to other branches which are a mixture of both clinical with research potentials. Branches like Oral surgery, Orthodontics, Endodontic, and Pedodontics are always in high demand owing to the regular applicability in a dental practice.

However, to actually get the stream you desire you will need to fare well in the NEET MDS Exams. NEET (The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the qualifying exam for securing a good percentile and being eligible for getting the admission to MDS postgraduate courses. To be successful in NEET MDS Entrance exams, you need to prepare for a year consistently and effectively.

Hence, before you think of joining any particular MDS stream, there is the tough task of preparing for the NEET Exam to qualify it. Its hard work and you need to be at it for almost a year or 12 months. But, is all the effort & time really worth it?

Before we start the article, let us first clear the most asked question by every BDS graduate. ” In the present times, is it worth doing MDS or Masters in Dentistry?”

In the last few years, dentistry has undergone a lot of change. The most prominent and worrying aspect is the perceived oversaturation of dentists and particularly MDS graduates in the Indian dental sector.

As a result of that, young BDS graduates are now having doubts in their mind regarding the professional viability of investing time and money – in first preparing for NEET and then the expenditure for completing MDS. There is also this increasing worry of what after MDS!

Hence, the question remains, is MDS worth it in 2018 and beyond?

To cut the answer short: If you are interested in MDS (I mean really excited!), then you can most definitely go for it.

MDS is worth if you do it for the right reasons in accordance with the current market scenario. If you go for MDS with thoughts that do not sync with the present market and job sector reality, then MDS will soon appear as a burden to you.

  • Do not do MDS dreaming/hoping for a Job in a dental college. That may or may not be possible in the current times (Partly due to present oversaturation of MDS graduates).
  • Do MDS for having the degree in MDS and be called a master.
  • Do MDS, to gather more research and clinical skills. For example, you can do MDS in orthodontics/endodontics with the aim to get good at Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Do MDS because you have age on your side. As time passes and you get closer to middle age, it is not very feasible once you have progressed in age and family.
  • With NEET as the qualifying exam, it is a blessing for the young dental graduates. NEET has resulted in the reduction of the MDS Tuition fees. (making MDS more affordable for many dental graduates)
  • If you analyze the NEET scoring in the last two years, you will notice that the cut off for the NEET is not very high. Hence, compared to the previous years, NEET has, in fact, increased the chances of BDS graduates to secure an MDS seat.

With that necessary disclaimer and overviews, the next practical question “Why should a dental graduate spend time and money joining an MDS Coaching center? Can’t you just sit at home and prepare?

Well, you definitely can sit at home and prepare. But then, with the changing times, MDS entrance exams are also getting competitive and just preparing at home, will not provide you the necessary exposure.

Remember, your goal is not just to prepare well. Your target is to qualify the NEET MDS with a qualifying good percentile.

Here are the reasons how a right coaching center can enhance your preparation:

  • A good coaching center keeps the training organized by having a well-planned schedule covering all the subjects.
  • You will get to interact and compete with fellow students at the coaching center. It makes the preparation more interactive and also keeps you aware that you are competing with many BDS graduates all over the country. Sitting and preparing at home won’t give you this opportunity.
  • Coaching centers provide regular on location and online exams where you compete with other students. It gives you a feel of the real exam and also your general standing among the competition.
  • You also get an idea of the subjects that you need to strengthen for the exam.

We analyzed many NEET MDS coaching centers and there are many good ones. In a real sense, it’s actually very difficult to rank the institutes as most of them work on a similar approach. That is to train the BDS graduates to face the NEET Exam pattern.

Also, you need to keep in mind that not every MDS coaching center is going to be suitable for you. You need to analyze and choose the coaching center that suits your requirement. Hence, we took into account which coaching center on average is providing the maximum amount of features to the BDS graduates at a good value for the price.

We considered the following parameters:

  • Number of years the coaching center has been in the market
  • The type of the course pattern and duration
  • The online presence – Social Media & Website
  • The online test series
  • Other modern tools like Apps
  • Other student beneficial factors

Brihaspathi NEET MDS Entrance Coaching Center

Brihaspathi is a decade old MDS Entrance coaching center that has been functioning since May 2008. In the last 10 years, Brihapathi Academy has successfully prepared thousands of BDS graduates in securing MDS seats all over India. Here is a basic overview of the Brihaspathi Academy.

Some of the good feedbacks collected from students on the Brihaspathi Academy:

  • Other than the dental subjects, Brihaspathi has special modules covering all the medical subjects.
  • To secure good marks in the NEET MDS entrance, it is necessary to score correct answers in the medical based questions. You, cannot expect to get a good percentile just by scoring the dental questions.
  • Brihapathi academy is one of the few MDS coaching ventures with a full-time Android & iOS App. Hence students can access the study materials, test series and mock exam result at any time via their phone.
  • Real-time Messaging or Whats App Clarifications during preparation. (whenever you have any doubt in off class hours)
  • They have also come up with special NEET Based Books Pace covering both Medical & Dental Subjects
  • Dedicated Video Classes: You can check the entire video library here
  • The online classes are available 24×7. The classroom coaching is well separated into small groups for a better understanding of the subjects. 
  • One thing that is most important for any coaching center to be good is the quality of faculties teaching the students and planning the course. Brihaspathi has some of the best/experienced faculties teaching individual subjects and top students (who have successfully cleared NEET from Brihaspathi), regularly sharing their experiences.
  • Dedicated Study Materials: Other than quality faculties a good coaching center needs to have dedicated, well written and updated study materials for NEET preparation. In this aspect also, Brihaspathi provides elaborate and high-quality study materials.
  • Online test series with an auto ranking system based on answer score: Brihaspathi provides a very robust online test series system and simulated ranking based on the scores. Through the test series, students get the idea how to answer properly in an online exam more efficiently. The simulated ranking system gives the nearest and probable outcome of the rankings (among thousands of Brihaspathi NEET students all over India). It makes the students more aware of their standings and where they need to improve. 
  • The price factor: For many Indian students price is a factor and it is the responsibility of all the to make the educational materials as accessible as possible. (For more details on pricing contact the coaching center directly.
    • In this regard, the Brihaspathi academy is cost effective. The 12 months duration of classroom coaching is around Rs 45000 (with all the study materials). You can find the classroom coaching details here.
    • The Online test series for 12 months is of Rs 15000. (details here)

The Brihaspathi NEET academy is mentored by Dr. Narendranatha Reddy (MDS), with more than 10 years of experience in preparing dental graduates for MDS entrances. He has been guiding students and motivating then on how to efficiently crack the mystery of NEET and MDS Entrances.

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