NEET Exams – An In- depth Analysis and the Current Status

If you are a dental student then you will find this very interesting to read ūüôā This article will give you a complete idea about all the behind the scene things ABOUT DENTAL EDUCATION. A must read for any Socially thinking n understanding dental student. Do give your comments after u finish reading.

What is the biggest worry

for dental students in 2016 ?

Its Higher Education, employment, job & extremely high competition.

Next : Do You Know How Many BDS Graduates  Passout Every Year ? ? ?

Do you how many BDS graduates come out every year ???? Its Mind Boggling !!!

Every year there are 30,000 plus BDS graduates are passing out all over India.

What after that ?

There are hardly 2000 Govt. MDS seats in India. S0 less that 2 % will get through MDS Entrance Exams to get Govt. MDS seat. For the rest they have to join as a staff in some college as BDS & set up a practice.

That was possible around a decade back.

But with time there was such an increase in BDS numbers that getting a job in college (as a BDS) became tough. Setting up a clinical practice also was getting costlier and costlier.

But those 2 % MDS were still getting jobs in colleges. Thus started the hoard to be MDS at any cost. Private MDS seats emerged. And over the years this has created a whole ecosystem & business of dental education.

So , the million dollar Question Arises …

Is the current scenario bad or good ?

Is it helpful for students ?

Who is exploiting whom ?

Is there any greater good in all these ?

In this post we will dissect this current scenario and try to analyse the truth as practically as possible.

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It’s all the game of money

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