Entrance is kind of thriller story where you can’t predict the ending without reaching till the last scene.

How to Choose the

correct books for the exams ?

  • A book is said to be the best friend which will guide you through the success in the entrance exams .. and just like the other friends which you will have in your life.. some are good.. some are bad.. and some need fine tuning…
  • But.. one things which everyone needs to understand here .. Commenting about the book is very easy.. but writing one???… ITS NOT EASY.!!! TRY IT ONE DAY


  • I guess there are around 10- 15 books in the market which could help you out in the field of entrance. Frankly speaking ..I HAVE NOT READ ALL OF THOSE.. BUT YES.. I do have read most of them during my entrance days.. and about rest of the books. ??..
  • I have heard and seen a bit which I would surely share it with you. It’s my sincere request to all those who read this blog and also for the authors of these books, not to consider this blog as a way of brand publicity by me. I also sincere apologies if someone finds my writing unacceptable. I whole heartily appreciate every small effort made by each author in coming out of the book and would like to tell them that in my every page of dentistry they have surely left a mark.

So here I am writing a review on all those books and the different ways of reading in order to improve your way of preparation and gain maximum benefit in a small amount of time.

I won’t be commenting on all the books as I don’t know much to comment about them.

DENTAL PULSE : How to Read & Revise

(Dental Pulse in Published by Swapna Medical Publishers and is authored by K. Sateesh Kumar Reddy & M. Swapna)

  • Surely… the name goes right. Its indeed a PULSE OF THE MDS ENTRANCE SUCCESS. I am sure. This would be the first book which all will buy at the start of preparation of entrance.. It won’t be surprising to see it in every students hand as soon as the student enters the internship.
  • The book consists most of the old questions, well-arranged and in a well retain-able manner. Currently the 8th ed being marketed. It is available in two volumes. The basic and the clinical one.. you will almost find all the old question of entrance papers with limited explanation which surely is very easy to revise. In fact, this book is the one which needs to be read till the last moment of exam.
  • Well arranged Synopsis at the end of chapters – Really amazing.

Friends…so you finally brought the book – Dental Pulse and now have planned to read it.

But how ??

Don’t worry we will help you out 

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How to Read & Revise Dental Pulse