Entrance is kind of thriller story where you can’t predict the ending without reaching till the last scene.

Welcome all dental students aspiring for higher dental education

Welcome to the series of Articles reviewing the books that are required for the preparation of  higher degree Dental Exams like NEET

This article is written by Dr.Suresh Shenvi (Writer in Dental Quest). 

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The more eager & better you are in gathering information, the more chances you have in succeeding in your respective goal.

Any Post Graduate Entrance Exam or Exams like NBDE, DDS etc are kind of thriller story where you can’t predict the ending without reaching till the last scene. There will be many twists in the story. Time is changing.. so does the Entrance !!!

Many people will tell you to read theory few will tell you to read MCQ and few both.

But not every advice is gold for you. You need to go through the maze and find out yourself.

I believe that the success in entrance does not depend completely on one year preparation. But it does not mean that a year long preparation will not get you a seat.

But there is one hard fact which we all need to accept.

You may or may not win the race.

But yes.. you do have a hope in anyway which you follow. But!!! Hope is all is what is required.. isn’t it ?

You have to be ready for the fight ! Not in a literal sense but on a philosophical sense. Have you ever thought who gladiators and soldiers go to a fight. They don’t waste time in losing hope or drowning in fear. Infant they use that fear. How ? They spend time in preparing and planning so that they can give themselves the maximum chances of survival.

And please note that their fights are for life and death in real sense.

Just like them, you also need to Plan and Prepare yourself with right tools to give yourself the maximum chance of success in exams. Your fight is with the questions and there is no real danger to your life in real sense. 

So What Are the tools for a Dental Graduate

to be successful in exams ?

Yes you guessed it right : BOOKS 

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How to Choose the correct books for the exams ?

How to Choose the

correct books for the exams ?

  • A book is said to be the best friend which will guide you through the success in the entrance exams .. and just like the other friends which you will have in your life.. some are good.. some are bad.. and some need fine tuning…
  • But.. one things which everyone needs to understand here .. Commenting about the book is very easy.. but writing one???… ITS NOT EASY.!!! TRY IT ONE DAY


  • I guess there are around 10- 15 books in the market which could help you out in the field of entrance. Frankly speaking ..I HAVE NOT READ ALL OF THOSE.. BUT YES.. I do have read most of them during my entrance days.. and about rest of the books. ??..
  • I have heard and seen a bit which I would surely share it with you. It’s my sincere request to all those who read this blog and also for the authors of these books, not to consider this blog as a way of brand publicity by me. I also sincere apologies if someone finds my writing unacceptable. I whole heartily appreciate every small effort made by each author in coming out of the book and would like to tell them that in my every page of dentistry they have surely left a mark.

So here I am writing a review on all those books and the different ways of reading in order to improve your way of preparation and gain maximum benefit in a small amount of time.

I won’t be commenting on all the books as I don’t know much to comment about them.

DENTAL PULSE : How to Read & Revise

(Dental Pulse in Published by Swapna Medical Publishers and is authored by K. Sateesh Kumar Reddy & M. Swapna)

  • Surely… the name goes right. Its indeed a PULSE OF THE MDS ENTRANCE SUCCESS. I am sure. This would be the first book which all will buy at the start of preparation of entrance.. It won’t be surprising to see it in every students hand as soon as the student enters the internship.
  • The book consists most of the old questions, well-arranged and in a well retain-able manner. Currently the 8th ed being marketed. It is available in two volumes. The basic and the clinical one.. you will almost find all the old question of entrance papers with limited explanation which surely is very easy to revise. In fact, this book is the one which needs to be read till the last moment of exam.
  • Well arranged Synopsis at the end of chapters – Really amazing.

Friends…so you finally brought the book – Dental Pulse and now have planned to read it.

But how ??

Don’t worry we will help you out 

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How to Read & Revise Dental Pulse 

1st reading of Dental Pulse

Remember 1st reading of any book is tough. But Dental Pulse is one of the most student friendly book if you are starting. This 1st reading lays the foundation for you future preparation.

Never read the synopsis at first … wonder why ??

The most important factor for preparation of entrance is the stress or tension…

we are more efficient when our bottom is on fire;) ..isn’t it? … what’s the logic of reading synopsis and reading the questions.. obviously.. you will answer more in the first attempt.

But … if you read without the synopsis and try to answer question then I am sure around 80% students will be able to answer only 60 out of 100 question.. and yeh.. you will also feel that you won’t be to crack the entrance.. but..

NO Fear ? ?

In fact it’s exactly this fear which is needed at the start …

Use the Fear but do not not to quit!!!

  • Scoring at the first attempt is not a criteria. WHAT MATTERS IS THE END!!!
  • The initial score gives you a baseline on which you can compare your successive scores after revision. Hope you got my point:)
  • Never mark any question in 1st reading in the question section … just mark important point in the explanation. Why???… I will tell you why a bit later.
  • The basic aim of reading a book for the first time is to get an idea about the type of topics which is important and to get an idea how different the entrance is from the UG theory preparation.
  • Marking 100 question 100 does not mean you will get a rank for sure. Remember … there are around 10 books with around 10,000 questions which you need to remember and the question in the next exam will have new ones too.

Reading Dental Pulse 2nd Time


When you start the 2nd reading make sure you read synopsis but don’t try more time in remembering synopsis..

  • What’s important in the initial reading is … you need to enter the competition.
  • That’s only possible by remembering the old questions. You can gain knowledge later… start answering the questions more. Read the explanation more rather than the synopsis.
  • Still don’t mark any question. Just mark the imp points in the explanation.

It’s Very very crucial that by 2nd time reading you are in the mode to solve and guess correctly as many answers as possible.

Successive revisions of Dental Pulse 

When you finish around 4 revisions ,

then mark the questions which you always tend to forget in the book.

I believe that the human brain will surely will not able to store some questions no matter how many times you read. .I am sure you will experience it.. this is mostly because there are some questions which lacks logic, or no reference or completely different than what we have read in our BDS days.

Now mark those question and during successive revisions give more imp for them.. why??Believe me.. these are the questions which will be asked more in exam and most of the time students go wrong here.

How to do Revisions of the Dental Pulse

as Exam Comes Near 

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Final Revisions of Dental Pulse

In the last slide we discusses that there will be come very difficult questions that you will find a hard time remembering or guessing the correct answer. So you need to revise those questions more ofter to remember them during exams.

How to do that ?

Now the important question is how to remember

those difficult question without any logic ?

You need to find a word in that question and link it to the answer, so in next revisions whenever you come to that marked question you will see that word and you need to remember what was the answer.

I am sure … This helps 🙂

So basically this is how you need to read the Pulse..the marking part also applies to the other books which I wont be repeating in the following matter.

One strange question which I have been asked by many student




  • I really don’t know what to answer.. but I would like to tell you one .. first of all.. nobody knows how will be the exam or which type questions will come in to the exam.
  • The pattern changes every year.. but yes.. new question means.. its new for all.. so whats imp is you need to remember all old questions and gain some extra knowledge.

 Aim for the moon and you will fall among the stars


Succeeding in Dental Higher Education Entrance exams is a great dream,

but the road is also full of uncertainties. 

  1. The first challenge is to get a seat and then if your lucky enough get a dental postgraduate stream of your choice.
  2. Any where in the world, the higher dental exams are tough and need a lot of preparation. But every year there are dentists who are succeeding.
  3. The difference is those who succeeded remained committed to their planning, preparation and execution for a longer duration of time than the other guy who did not.
  4. Of course the law of luck and probability also plays a role but thats something that is not under your control. So its better not to think about that. Thinking about that will only make every attempt to reach your goal of higher education that much more difficult.
  5. Getting a branch which you hate will make you compromise for whole life..but also remember getting a seat also imp. I am just telling you that when you have chance to get good rank then make a complete heart effort. Work for success.. don’t ask for short cut.
  6. But yes.. state exams are bit easy.. and it will be great if you don’t restrict it to only one book and when you actually have more time and you can get a good rank by putting some more effort.

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Welcome all dental students & MDS aspirants . Welcome to the series of Articles reviewing the books that are needed for the preparation of MDS Entrance Exams. To MDS Aspirants : INFORMATION IS POWER This article is written by Dr.Suresh Shenvi ( Endodontics PG Student / Writer in Dental Quest ).