Details on Masters in Public Health (MPH) after dental/medical graduation. An alternative career option.

Who Can Do MPH?

  1. Anyone with a valid graduation degree can do MPH.
  2. The graduation degree must be valid and if you are planning to study MPH in a college outside your country you should fulfill all the official formalities and provide the documents that the college asks from you.

What is MPH Degree?

  1. A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a graduate-level program that emphasizes the practical aspects of public health. This type of program is designed to prepare students for their role in promoting community awareness about the injury, violence prevention, communicable diseases and other issues that affect health and safety.
  2. Since MPH programs are applied degree programs, students are required to engage in work-related activities. This may take the form of an internship or practical experience where the student assumes job functions in the public health field, while under supervision.
  3. Additionally, some programs may require students to participate in a small, semester-long project such as a research paper or grant proposal that shows their competence in the field.

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Job Chances After Completing MPH Degree.