Details on Masters in Public Health (MPH) after dental/medical graduation. An alternative career option.

Master of public health for dentists and a career alternative. This article will discuss all the details related to MPH and we will also assess if MPH is a viable career alternative for dentists.



We have discussed, in detail, about many career prospects available for dentists here at DENTALORG.COM. You can read all of them by browsing through the site. Off lately, I have been getting more and more requests regarding the career prospect of Masters In Public Health.

So, in this article, we will be seeing about the course of MPH in detail, its prospects for a dental student and its financial aspects.

It’s a Vast Article. So for your convenience,  we have broken down the article into small easy to read slides. Go through all the slides to get a complete picture.

What is Masters in Public Health ?

The purpose of Public Health is to educate, research, and raise awareness to make communities healthy. Public Health careers also can educate and promote a lifestyle that is healthy and can keep people in good health.

People with careers in Public Health are generally trying to prevent disease or injuries. The role of Public Health Officer is in the fact that he / she strives hard to motivate people to adopt a healthy physical and mental life by practicing healthy habits. Public Health Officer also teaches citizens about the pertaining health hazards and how to tackle them. So, Public Health covers a rather broad spectrum of specializations, so there are many different types of jobs and careers one can pursue in the field Some of them are mentioned below.

Public Health Nursing

This field of Public Health involves educating people about injury and disease awareness and avoidance. A Public Health Nurse teaches the public safety and ways to prevent disease or injury while at home or in the workplace.

Public Health Nurses can work in a variety of places. They do a lot of work in poor communities. They lend their services to the poor by treating them and giving much-needed immunizations to those who aren’t immunized. A Public Health Nurse can also work with certain governmental establishments to find ways to decrease any threatening epidemics.

Other places they could work are at schools, colleges to help educate students regarding health hazards or other problems students are having.


The field of Public Health is concerned with controlling and preventing outbreaks of diseases. Epidemiologists do a lot of investigative work to find the cause of disease, and they also try to determine who is most likely to be affected by the disease. Finally, an Epidemiologist tries to research how to prevent any further outbreaks. By the work of the epidemiologist, Govt. is able to plan out the course of action to tackle any health problem outbreak.

There are a variety of places Epidemiologists can work for including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health departments, research facilities, and Government emergency Units.

Public Health Inspector

A Public Health Inspector is crucial to protecting the public from potential health risks. They go to establishments of many kinds, like restaurants, and file a report that notes whether the establishment was compliant with sanitary codes and health laws. They inspect many other places like hotels and community homes. Their work helps to keep the public safe from unhealthy practices by restaurants, and they address complaints about an establishment to see if there is a problem.

Public Health Inspectors work for a few different places but generally find jobs working for the Government and private quality controlling agencies.

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Who Can Do Masters In Public Health

Who Can Do MPH?

  1. Anyone with a valid graduation degree can do MPH.
  2. The graduation degree must be valid and if you are planning to study MPH in a college outside your country you should fulfill all the official formalities and provide the documents that the college asks from you.

What is MPH Degree?

  1. A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a graduate-level program that emphasizes the practical aspects of public health. This type of program is designed to prepare students for their role in promoting community awareness about the injury, violence prevention, communicable diseases and other issues that affect health and safety.
  2. Since MPH programs are applied degree programs, students are required to engage in work-related activities. This may take the form of an internship or practical experience where the student assumes job functions in the public health field, while under supervision.
  3. Additionally, some programs may require students to participate in a small, semester-long project such as a research paper or grant proposal that shows their competence in the field.

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Job Chances After Completing MPH Degree.

 Employment Chances with MPH Degree

The following are titles of jobs that are available to graduates of schools of public health. A MPH degree provides innumerable opportunities with multiple specializations within the five core disciplines in a master’s of public health degree program.

  • Education
  • Administration or Management
  • Policy
  • Community Practice
  • Research


The AIDS epidemic is expected to substantially increase the need for qualified health educators throughout the world.The demand for health educators in this sector is expected to grow rapidly in the next decade. Demand for interdisciplinary faculty in secondary and higher education is expanding rapidly to keep pace with ever-changing public health technologies. The goal is to have health educators and managers who can teach people about proper health practices and also who can act in case of emergency health situations. Candidates trained in maternal and child health, industrial hygiene, population dynamics etc will increasingly find career opportunities in developing countries.

  • Colleges and universities
  • Public and private secondary schools
  • Consumer advocacy organizations
  • International organizations
  • Consulting firms
  • State legislative committees
  • Health service delivery organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Federal and state health agencies
  • Voluntary health agencies

Administration or Management

There has been a steady rise in the demand for professional health managers in the corporate world. The demand for marketing expertise will increase with competition. Exportation of public health technologies to developing nations will expand well into the future. The demand for qualified managers and administrators will grow as the industry expands.

Rapid changes in the private and public sectors of health care results in more opportunities for qualified professionals to manage complex institutions, organizations, and health services programs. There are dynamic career opportunities for public health graduates in all sectors of the health care industry. One can work in

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Managed care organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • International agencies
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Professional organizations
  • Federal and local government agencies
  • Industry and business
  • Colleges and universities
  • Consulting firms


There is a great deal of demand for the public health professional in Government agencies as policy makers. Govt. keep running many health programs. They also need to plan out relief in case of any epidemic. Proper planning is needed also for toxic and chemical waste disposal that are hazardous for health. All the plans also need timely employment in cities and in rural areas. All these work need the expertise of a public health professional.

Health policy examines the complexity and dynamics of public health system and its impact on the health of individuals and communities. A graduate degree in public health will multiply your career opportunities regardless of your academic background. If you have an advanced degree, you will be able to make vital health policy decisions that affect numerous lives.

  • Regulatory agencies
  • Advocacy groups
  • Government agencies
  • Public NGOs
  • Industry
  • Corporations
  • Consulting firms

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Where to Study For Masters In Public Health Degree


This question might seem simple, but it’s not as simple as it appears. You can just Google regarding the MPH degree. Within moments you will be provided with hundreds of search results from educational institutions all over the world urging you to join the MPH degree. But the most popular destinations for MPH are the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA and other European Countries.

  1. It is possible that, that you first might have heard about MPH from your friends or seniors who were planning to go abroad for settling or further studies.
  2. In such cases,  MPH degree has always come handy. For example, suppose you want to go and settle in Australia after your BDS degree. How do you do that in the most feasible way? The answer lies in MPH degree. MPH is usually a 2-year course.
  3. Studying MPH for 2 years in Australia gives you the  2 years time to prepare for the ADC Exams and also a degree that you can use to work in the meantime to sustain yourself when you are preparing for ADC. People planning to go to the USA also many times choose the MPH route.

Many students, who eventually are no more interested in pursuing ADC exams or NBDE DDS, do additional specialization in MPH and start working full time in the field.

So, be aware that MPH is being mostly used by Indian or Asian dental students who are looking for a way to settle in USA, Australia or other European countries. How far the course is feasible in your context needs to be seen and you need to take a proper decision taking into account all the factors.

You can have a look how MPH is used to go to Australia and USA by dental students to settle there as a dentist in this article.


Hi to all the docs . Your friendly Dr.Deb is back with a new article .This article is written by By DR. ROLI RAJVANSI.

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What is the Course Curriculum of MPH Degree?



A Public Health study program will train you to plan, manage, review and coordinate public health programs for Governments, NGOs and private and public health care service providers.


You will be trained in four key areas essential for a modern Public Health professional.

    • Evidence-based knowledgethe cornerstone for Public Health policy development and practice. Gathering and interpreting data as the basis for informed decision making.
    • Decision makingbeliefs and interests of stakeholders and their impact on informed decision making based on the evidence.
    • Actiontranslating evidence and decisions into policy and practice; advocating for change at a national, regional and community level.
  • Outcomesunderstanding evaluation research methods and practice to evaluate and continually improve public health programs.
  • Master of Public Health develops skills essential for the effective practice of public health. Graduates will be able to determine the nature of community health problems and bring together the necessary services to deliver them.
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Health – requires a shorter period of study and has more flexible entry requirements. An option to upgrade from the GradDipPH to the MPH is available once you complete 24 credit points of coursework.

See the end of the article (the last slide) to have a broad idea on the courses being taught under MPH. In the link below have a look at the syllabus for MPH in one of the most premier institutes in Australia.

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What is the Cost Of MPH Degree?


    • The cost of MPH varies from colleges to colleges and country to country. MPH is such a wide spread course provided in so many countries that its cost and finance varies. Costs in Western and European countries are more than the costs in Asian countries.
    • We will be providing you the costs of the course by one of the most premier institutes in the world for MPH degree in Australia. Suppose you are planning to study MPH in Australia then the basic formalities that you must fulfill are:
  • Proof of your 12th-grade certificates, Documents of your graduation, Approval letter from the head of your previous Institution, Visa requirements etc. But don’t worry as once you decide to join the course then the college authorities will guide you through all the regulations.

Average cost for a foreign student

wanting to study MPH in Australia

Fees for International students

Indicative annual fee: AUD$ 26, 400 

Please note that this is the price in the top college in Australia. There are colleges in Singapore and Malaysia that provide the same degree at a much lower price. But when trying for the job, the degree from top colleges is given much more value.

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Top Colleges For Studying MPH Abroad & India/Asia


  1. From polling, by online sources, the top colleges for MPH are listed in the table below.
  2. Please do verify about the colleges from the respective embassies before you commit to joining any course. All the colleges have their regulations and admission rules. So, it is always advised for you to get in direct touch with the college admission agents.
  3. They will guide you through all the visa, immigration as well as admission formalities. Always try to get thfirst-handnd information. You will come across many admission agents who might offer you an easy passage. Always be careful from such persons or else you might be cheated of your valuable time and money.


John Hopkins University

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill



University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Columbia University

Emory University

University of Washington

University of California Berkeley

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

University of California Los Angeles


As mentioned in the earlier part of the article, MPH till recently was mostly used by health profession Indian students ( MBBS, BDS, Nursing, BPT etc ) as a means to settle, work and study abroad.

But gradually the MPH degree are being provided now in many colleges of India. In almost all the major stated there are MPH degree colleges. But in this article we will giving you the list of some of the major colleges.

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani (Rajastan) is one of the leading institutions offering the Master of Public Health programme. Holders of the integrated first degree of BITS or its equivalent; MBBS; B.D.S.; and M.Sc. nursing or its equivalent qualification with at least 60 per cent marks in aggregate are eligible for admission. Selection will be made on an all-India basis strictly on academic merit.

Short listed applicants will be called for a written test, group discussion and interview, which will be conducted at Pilani. Sponsored seats are available for employed persons.

This programme aims at imparting knowledge to working public health professionals and others who seek to upgrade their expertise in the field of health and management or administration.

The objective of the entrance test is to ascertain one’s strength in basic knowledge and skills in some of the fundamentals of the course such as basic science; basic mathematics; health awareness; communication skills and reasoning; interpersonal skills; environmental awareness; computer skills; and so on.

There are 12 core and three elective courses for the MPH programme here. Core courses are designed to develop skills and knowledge in the key areas of public health. The course work will be conducted through contact classes as well as field training, and also involves an in-field assignment and dissertation.

Field training and a choice of electives will help train the students in tackling practical situations in different aspects of public health. This practical training and dissertation work will help in career development.

More details can be obtained from

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MPH Degree Colleges In India Continued


•The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, offers a Master of Public Health program that explores the link between social environment and health of the population. It also offers a strong methodological and technical foundation in epidemiology; biostatistics; quantitative analysis; and national and international public health policies. The internship component of the MPH program here involves interaction with various health institutions followed by an independent research study.

  • Those who have a Masters degree in any discipline, MBBS or a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 2 years of work experience in the health sector after graduation are eligible for admission. Medical graduates should have completed their internship.
  • Selection is based on an entrance test, personal interview and academic merit. Course content covers different areas, including social science perspectives on health; research methodology; quantitative methods; introduction to epidemiology; public health; epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases; social and behavioural influences on health; introduction to biostatistics; healthcare management; health policy formulations and implementation; health policy and systems research; evaluation research in public health; public health nutrition; and so on. More details can be obtained from

•The National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai – 600 007 offers an MPH (specialisation: health services, development and research) course. It aims at developing middle-level managers in the public health field. It is a two-year residential programme. Total seats: 20.

Those who have passed MBBS or have been working in public health (sponsored on deputation) for two or three years after MBBS are eligible for admission. Age should be below 40 years. Selection is based on interview and academic merit.

•The Achuthamenon Centre for Health Science Studies, a wing of the Sreechitra Thirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, is recognised as the centre of excellence for public health training.

•The All-India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Kolkata offers an MPH programme for meritorious graduates.

•The Allahadbad Agricultural Institute (Deemed University) conducts an MPH course in reproductive health. Duration: 2 years; seats: 20. Graduates in any discipline are eligible for admission. Selection is through interview.

•The School of Medical Education under Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam ( offers an MPH programme on self-financing basis. Duration: 2 years (4 semesters). Any graduates with at least 50 per cent marks are eligible for admission.

•The Directorate of Distance Education under Annamalai University, Annamalainagar – 608 002 offers a two-year Master of Health Science in Public Health course through the distance education mode. It also conducts a one-year postgraduate diploma course in health science in public health. Details can be obtained from the web site or over phone. No: 04144-238610, 238047.

One of the key teaching/learning components of the MPH programme here is the internship rotation as the programme functions in close association with the government health services and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Rural residency during internship is a compulsory requirement.

N.B. Please note college phone numbers, website address and admission procedures might have changed. So verify personally by visiting the colleges before any decision.

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Scope for Dentists After MPH Degree


Those successfully complete the MPH programme are eligible to become healthcare professionals and managers or administrators in government, non-governmental and public sector organisations and hospitals. Graduates can also occupy technical and leadership positions in the implementation of public health or community health programmes of the State and Central governments and the World Health Organisation.

BITS Pilani is perhaps one of the trusted and premier institute providing the course in MPH in INDIA. The cost of the course is usually 1.2 to 1.5 lakh INR. and 2 years of duration.



More and more Private NGOs from all over the world are gradually opening their bases in India and transferring funds that can be used in the development of the society and the poor.

A MPH professional can be hired by such private NGOs with a stable salary depending on the position that he/she joins in. In many well financed private NGOs the starting salary for a new MPH professional can be 40,000 to 50,000 INR per month. People with 4 years or more of experience stand to earn a lot more with monthly salary up to 70,000 to 1 Lakh INR.

There is also a constant growth in the career. There are enough chances for you to travel the world and work abroad after you gain adequate experience. One thing you must note that the demand for professional human resources officers are always increasing all over the world.


Salaries being paid to a MPH professional in abroad ( USA , AUSTRALIA and European Countries ) are very lucrative from an Indian/Asian point of view. As mentioned before there are many sub-specializations under the degree of MPH and depending upon your specialty and the demand of it, salary can vary. You also have a chance to be hired by WHO and travel many places all over world as an health officer.

But lets have an estimate of the average salary. Depending on the seniority, experience and the grade of your service, you might be earning an yearly salary of $ 34, 000 to $ 128, 000 USD. ( That’s a hefty pay check from an Indian point of view )

Please note that its not as easy as it seems. You need to work hard from scratch and keep updating and improving with additional specialization degrees. You also need to improve your public relation skills. and as you increase your work experience you start climbing up the ladder of salaries.

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Recap of the crucial points about MPH Degree & Career


  • MPH has now evolved as an alternative career for the dental graduates (BDS/


  • Previously it was used as a career mostly by the students who wanted to settle in western countries.
  • But now many colleges have opened in India providing certified courses in Masters in Public Health. India being a developing country has a lot of need for qualified and talented MPH professionals.
  • MPH Professionals have a great chance of working in Govt. and Private NGOs & also in Corporate sector with good amount of pay as described above in the article.


This article is aims to give you all the basic information about Masters In Public Health & Dentistry as a career. You are advised to research more so that you can make a decision that is suitable to your goals.
Hope you all have gained useful information from this article. All the best & success for your efforts.

If planning to move to another country for MPH always get the relevant information from the official bodies like the embassy of the country you are planning to go. 

See the link below to have a broad idea on the courses being taught under MPH. In the link below have a look at the syllabus for MPH in one of the most premier institute in Australia

Overview of the Syllabus