How Emmet O’ Neil Created A Dental Empire

Despite Not Having A Dental Degree

You might wonder … how a business graduate with no idea on dentistry in technical aspects could create such a huge dental empire !!!

You might also think – ” Oh ! He must be from a rich family with lots of money to invest and start the dental chains “

But its not correct. Emmet O’ Neil was just from a regular middle class family in Ireland who was talented and worked hard to finally get his business degree. He was not a rich kid with lot of candy money who decided to open chain of dental clinics just on a whim.

That’s why there is so much for an aspiring dentist to learn from him.

His success also teaches one more thing to all dental professionals. Dentists are after all human beings. Just having a Dental Degree is not enough.You need to have some additional qualities in you. If those qualities are not coming natural to you then learn and cultivate them. For that, your thinking should not be restricted. There is a need to think out of the box and be entrepreneurial. It’s that out of the box thinking that made a non dentist to be the creator & owner of one of the biggest dental chains in the world.

To be ultra successful as dentist you would need to have a heart of a doctor and think like entrepreneur.

Emmet O’ Neal was asked – How you managed to achieve so much success in the dental sector in-spite of not being a dentist by degree and not also being from a corporate family ?

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Listen from the man himself – How he planned & achieved this success ?

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