Creating a 35 million $ Dental Practice and Managing it.


Emmet “O” Neill

It was the summer of 2004. Emmet O’ Neil a business graduate from University College Of Dublin entered a dental clinic and asked the dentist to whiten the teeth. But the dentist expressed hos inability to do so.

At that time in Ire-Land, Dental Whitening procedures were not available readily and very few clinic that could give it in UK were extremely costly may be out of the reach for a common citizen and thus may be not a good business model.

The orthodontist that Emmet O’ Neil met was Dr. Hughs Bradley. At that point, being an entrepreneur, Emmet O’ Neil saw a definite potential and effective business model. Within two weeks both Emmet & Dr.Hughs travelled to Florida to research the idea.

After a week of in depth research the entrepreneur in Mr.Emmet could sense that it was possibly a good business model.

In the words of Emmet O’ Neil

“We immediately saw what a huge market it was over there and growing fast so I thought, ‘Let’s bring this home’. We set up a tooth whitening clinic on South Anne Street (Ire-Land)  in 2005 and that was the birth of Smiles Dental.”

O’Neill was just 26 when he started Smiles Dental. He had considered a career as an investment banker, having secured a position at a London investment bank on graduating in 2001. “Just as I was supposed to start, the bank went wallop. Then I joined the aviation team at Anglo Irish Bank for six months and after that went to work for one of its clients, a small aircraft leasing company. This really gave me an opportunity to see how deals are put together.”

Since the first dental whitening clinic in 2005 till today 2015 the smile dental centres have evolved in multi branch chain of dental practices providing a wide variety of dental treatments in the most luxurious clinical set ups that a patient can expect at the most economical price.

Emmet O’Neill is technically not a dentist. But still he is related to the world of dentistry as he is owner of one of the biggest dental chains in the world. He is a certified millionaire at the age 0f 36. In-fact he took steps towards it in his 26th year and we can learn a lot for his experience.

Net Worth : 2 billion $

(Dentistry And Other Entrepreneurial Ventures)

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