Life of a Dentist - Comedy or Parody ! The journey of a Dental Student has many points in the 4 years. Its not easy but at the same it gives us many memories.

# First Year In Dentistry – Friends & Wax Carving in Dental College

In the hustle was the swing of first year started. In few days I had managed to make some wonderful friends in hostel. There I bought a concept of friendship…Relation with no contract.

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In the first carving classes, carver was used as a playing tool more than its original use.

We use to love the skate-like feel of our room, which was slippery enough to make one fall if swift turns were taken. Slowly had we learned to shape the wax block dexterously and artistically into a tooth.

Anatomy Classes & Its Side Effects

The anatomy classes reminded me of  the particular scene of Munnabhai  film ,where he faints on the very first sight of dead body.Everytime I used to enter the dissection lab, I was struck with that scene and my Oh my! the smell of formalin still makes me throw up.

Later when we were familiar with the surroundings we clicked photos

with a brain or human heart in our hands to boast.

Most of the first year classes were spent doing the up and down from medical to the dental building.

The physiology practical taught us some of the self mutilating technique.

The state of a dental student … BEING CONFUSED

I am actually referring to the simple finger prick which we had to perform.

But overall I may say that the practical’s were amusing, we held the stethoscope in our hand, checked our friends BP, did our own blood group test.

In a jiffy was the first year over and I got back home.

Believe me; I used to walk down the street like a Don, boasting everyone that I am the future dentist.

All the uncles of the colony use to say that,

“Beta, ab toh tum dentist bang,
ab hamri daaton ki treatment free mein kar dena”

Publically all I did was go along the verse with a sweet smile on face and have a gentle head nod.

But deep inside the lion in me was set free pondering that if I treat you for free,

what will I eat and in next to no time, pictured myself hungry on streets for food.

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