Life of a Dentist - Comedy or Parody ! The journey of a Dental Student has many points in the 4 years. Its not easy but at the same it gives us many memories.

The 4 years of dental school are always a roller coaster experience. There are ups and downs and in the end you pass out of the college with a Doctor Tag. These 4 years teach you about many experiences in life. In this post a talented dentist is explaining her experience of 4 years of Dental Education. May be her story is similar to your story.




We all have heard the song from the movie ” 3 Idiots “

“Give me some sunshine

Give me some rain”

Now let’s comprehend and understand the lyrics from the point of view of a dental student … 

Give me some sunshine : Do not ask too much, sunshine would be dream come true,  artificial yellow light of the bulb above the chair is diminutive what we get.

And for rain :

we always have tear drops on our face especially in the final year, what do we need rain for??

And now let’s hum all together

Na … nanna … naa


All we are concerned is


Hello everyone!!

I am Trupti Talegaon.

The sarcasm of song is completely because of the some recent facts seen or gone through,

but believe me life is not all thrones as said.

For all my new friends who are still pursuing their B.D.S course or have just completed, I hope this article adds a little more smile to your face in next 5 minutes.

Flashback – 6 yrs ago of my life … some day of October 2008

I still vividly remember that I had been called for the counseling round.

And had finally got the admission.

It was a big sigh of relief … at the same time thousands of thoughts came across my mind about the new city, new milieu. Every now and then I was eager as well as apprehensive of the future that laid ahead me. Soon came the first day of the college.

All was euphoric for me…I had seen many seniors walking with the white coat in college corridors, I had dreamt off , anticipated  that one day I would be one of them…and thankfully all of it was coming true.

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Friends & Wax Carving in Dental College

(An Unforgettable Memory)

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# First Year In Dentistry – Friends & Wax Carving in Dental College

In the hustle was the swing of first year started. In few days I had managed to make some wonderful friends in hostel. There I bought a concept of friendship…Relation with no contract.

Pic Credit : Giphy

In the first carving classes, carver was used as a playing tool more than its original use.

We use to love the skate-like feel of our room, which was slippery enough to make one fall if swift turns were taken. Slowly had we learned to shape the wax block dexterously and artistically into a tooth.

Anatomy Classes & Its Side Effects

The anatomy classes reminded me of  the particular scene of Munnabhai  film ,where he faints on the very first sight of dead body.Everytime I used to enter the dissection lab, I was struck with that scene and my Oh my! the smell of formalin still makes me throw up.

Later when we were familiar with the surroundings we clicked photos

with a brain or human heart in our hands to boast.

Most of the first year classes were spent doing the up and down from medical to the dental building.

The physiology practical taught us some of the self mutilating technique.

The state of a dental student … BEING CONFUSED

I am actually referring to the simple finger prick which we had to perform.

But overall I may say that the practical’s were amusing, we held the stethoscope in our hand, checked our friends BP, did our own blood group test.

In a jiffy was the first year over and I got back home.

Believe me; I used to walk down the street like a Don, boasting everyone that I am the future dentist.

All the uncles of the colony use to say that,

“Beta, ab toh tum dentist bang,
ab hamri daaton ki treatment free mein kar dena”

Publically all I did was go along the verse with a sweet smile on face and have a gentle head nod.

But deep inside the lion in me was set free pondering that if I treat you for free,

what will I eat and in next to no time, pictured myself hungry on streets for food.

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Second Year – Dentistry Starts & We Roll 

Soon the vacations ended and the second year started, where things started taking a pretty serious twirl. Studies became more serious and I could feel the intricacy level increasing.

The pharmacology Yamraj killed us day by day in titrated dose, not sequentially but exponentially.

Pathology was a complete bouncer; all it made us think that I and

my friends were sufferers of some disease.

The disease could be described as some neurodegenerative disorder

with weakness prevailing all time amongst masses.

Viva voices were turning bitter.

Proffesor’s eyes used to bulge more and more with each successive unanswered question.

The changed facial turned ridicule sometimes.

But anyways ” All izzz well ” Equation helps a lot

when you chant along in your mind.

The Teeth Setting

The Most Unforgettable Days

The teeth arrangement was a completely new concept introduced to me at that point of time.

The first ever time I had done the arrangement it was completely messed.

Also I remember whenever I used to converse with people I use to observe or rather stare at their teeth.

Overall to be very honest for me second year was not as happy go lucky as was the first year.

Pic Credit : Giphy

Summer & sitting near Bunsen burner … We were sweating like pigs : (

Condition of a student in prostho lab in summer

The part that I fell till today was the most awkwardly funny part of second year was the lost instruments scenario.

Everyone in our batch had to be very careful about his/her instruments,

the minute you are gone something would vanish from your working table.

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Love Triangles

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The Love Triangles in Colleges

The only happening news of the every year was the newly formed love triangles. The who’s who game was generally a topic to discuss upon. Relationship and break ups were routine of the day.

As they say love by chance … its absolutely true . One has no control over it. Its one of the unpredictable action of a student life. Getting love, getting heartbreak its all part and parcel of life. Many students in the years of dental college go through it.

Signs of a Dental Student In Love … 🙂

Finishing histology diagrams for him/her

Finishing wax carving for him/her

Keeping exam cases in final year for him/her

Flasking & Curing the denture …

Co studying in library … List can be endless 🙂

But One word of caution to all boys and girl …

Don’t be disheartened in case of love failure.

You got to remember one thing Love can only work out in long term with commitment and marriage.

But commitment and marriage are many times affected by

circumstances that become too much for you to control.

So even if heart breaks … then take your time.

Be with friends and family.

Don’t take any foolish drastic steps.

With time things will settle down and you will move forward in life.

Also Don’t Forget the Worried Parents.

They Love us &

they are perpetually worried about our well being & success.

Unlike the first year holidays were no more boasting in vacation.

Instead parents bombarded question from all side; asking where are you going ???

Have you thought about your future??

Having my mind boggled and perplexed.

Believe me it was that day I understood the need of disclaimer that

all investment are subjected to market risk.

Where you are the unfortunate investors, market is your parent’s

mood swing and the share market goes down like the falling Indian economy.

You, the poor investors sit down banging hand over one’s forehead.

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Feeling like a Qualified Doctor

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The Adventurous Clinical Years

The clinical years (third and fourth) were quite exciting for me.

Each moment was an innovative experience having to learn

something new in the vast field of dentistry, here is when I realized what actually

I will be doing as a dentist. 

There were some scary days also when patients came with such a great mouth,

that looked straight out of a Zombie movie.

The most hilarious incidence was in my first posting of OMDR.

As told by my teachers I used a easily comprehendible language for dental   X – ray.

I said to my patient that “ Auntiji aapka photo leke dekhna padega fir treatment bol sakte hian.”
Soon the patient got up redid the sari pleats tidily, covered her hairs with pallu, gave a broad smile gazing at me and asked to click her photo now. I was drum struck with my other friends laughing at the incidence.

Another incidence which I still vividly remember, took place in oral surgery department. I  had just learned to extract grade 3 mobile teeth and one fine day got a deprived  skinny old lady as my patient. I  did my routine that was extracting her teeth with utter care. After doing so, she bowed down and thanked me & told me that you are a good doctor. I was completely taken aback for a minute to actually react to the situation but later on I was overwhelmed by her gesture.

That was the 1st time any one had called me a doctor and praised me for my skills as a dental surgeon. 

I almost cried out of happiness. Isn’t that what we all work so hard for – to be a good doctor.

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The CRAZY Final Year of Dental College

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The CRAZY Final Year of Dental College

Trust me the final year drives you completely crazy.

The last month you would find yourself on the doorsteps of every department in search of patients.

To get sign on your college records is a huge task in itself.

The search of patients on street with friends

was a whole other story to start with it right now.

But the search was challenging, demanding as well as fun to

convince them in all possible manners, whether by hook or by crook.

At the end of the fourth year my teachers started saying that if you want to become something different, try to think outside the box.

It took me many months to try finding the box.

Believe me till date I have never found what box they are referring to,

so thinking was pretty much out of question!


Ratta Maar was the only option left in front of me to pass.

The rising pressure of last month was completely out of control.

We had to give all 8 subjects in one go.

At the end I had left all things over almighty, and thankfully I passed out with flying colours.

The much awaited period then starts INTERNSHIP
  Goa trip was the only thought packed in our head.

Though none of the plans of our trip ever reached Goa but definitely yes I had loads of fun and that, it is the most enjoyable period of my life till now.

I in whole had 12 trips in a year, with each trip having its unique hilarious fun.

Internship is the fraction in which you have full authority but no responsibilities,

what else can you ask for?

But as time is in no one’s hand, quickly were the good days over.

I had only a month left for my course to get over, where I would be labeled as done 4+ 1.

Thereby marking the end of an era.

The day I had been waiting for 5 yrs long was actually approaching and on contrary instead of being happy I was becoming gloomy. The last day of my life in college campus was a nostalgic one.

Thousands of kilometers were again traveled to go back in the nest, I once grew up …

This story is by Dr.Trupti Talegaon  where she shares her experiences about the Life of A Dental Student. In her own words ” Hello, I am Trupti ,the very soon PG student ( hi fi!!!).I am currently living in Gujarat. Apart from being a dentist ,dancing, reading novels are my favorite hobbies. Overall I am a happy go lucky person and friends are the biggest charm of my life.”

If you also want to share youe experiences do mail us your stories at

The story is edited & animated by your friendly & neighbourhood Dr.Deb