Jungle Book’s Mowgli, Neel Sethi, wants to be a dentist.

I am sure you all must have already watched the new movie version of “The Jungle Book”.

It’s an amazing movie and a bundle of Joy.

You cannot watch the movie without having a big grin of happiness on your face !

The role of Mowgli was played by  Neel Sethi.

Twelve-year-old actor Neel Sethi is in Mumbai as a part of promotional tour for the movie.

In his casually worn checked shirt, his distinctly American accent, an Apple watch on his hand, and his hair neatly combed, he looks very much different from the rustic role of Mowgli played in the movie.

And it all happened overnight. Sure, he was picked from 2,000 kids who were auditioned for the role.

But Sethi recounts it matter-of-factly: “My teacher at the dance class said there’s a role, and I’d be really good for it. So, I auditioned for it. The next thing, I was off to LA (Los Angeles).”

Playing a major role of world famous character “Mowgli” and that too for Disney, can be the defining moment for any kid.

So you might feel that, being an actor is all that Neel Sethi wants.

But for a twelve year old kid, Neel Sethi is very much grounded and

is not much worried about a career on Hollywood.

And while the movie’s done tremendously well in India, and elsewhere

(in India, it’s collected an unprecedented Rs 140cr),

Sethi says he’s not sure where his career goes from here.

Now here is the surprise – Neel Sethi comes from a family of Dentists.

Both of his parents – His mom & dad are Dentists practicing in New York.

So by default Neel has the genetics for the profession 🙂

The talented Master Neel Sethi says

My mom and dad are both dentists and I was thinking of being a dentist when I grow up,” the 12-year-old middle schooler told the Daily News. “But you know how everybody thinks, ‘Oh yeah, being an actor would be cool?’ So when my dance teacher told my parents about (the casting call),

I auditioned and they liked me.

Neel father Dr.Sam, when asked regarding his son’s career choice of dentist or actor he said

We’re both dentists. And that’s the seed we planted in Neel’s head.

But, you know, this was a calling from above, a blessing, and here we are.”

Well, we wish Neel am amazing career ahead irrespective of what ever career he chooses. And we are very well sure that if he does become a Dentist he will surely be a very famous celebrity Dentist !

He is already meeting the super stars of the world and soon he might be a dentist for them !

Way to Go Dr. Mowgli 🙂

Picture Credits : Reuter & Twitter