Meet India’s Fastest Lady Super Biker and a Prolific Dentist – Dr.Neharika Yadav

A doctor and also a Professional Racing Biker

Welcome to one more article at where we are celebrating women power in dentistry. Today we will be covering the story of one amazing lady and dentist who is very different from every other dentist out there. Yes! She is an expert dentist. But other than that she is a daredevil who drives her bike at a speed or excess of 200 Km/hr at international Superbike races and winning championships. Amazing right! Well, read the story of such an amazing person. And to top it all, that person is a successful dentist.

There is the challenge of being a Doctor. 

Its four years of rigorous studying with clinical works.

It is not a joke to deal with so many patients.

You need to be fit – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Then you get the right to be called a “Doctor.”

There is also a challenge to be a

Professional World Class Race Biker

What does one need to be a professional Superbike racer biker?

Does speed thrill you?

Does it scare you?

Does it excite you?

Alternatively, do you realize that speed per say just doesn’t mean driving as fast as your machine (Bike) allows you? Speed means riding fast, but at the same being in control.

Speed means knowing your limitation and then getting to your best.

Speed means having the body and mind fitness to sustain the momentum.

So What a challenge it would be to be a

Doctor + P Super Bike Racer

Meet Dr. Niharika Yadav

India’s Fastest Lady Super Biker

For ages, India was a male-dominated society.

Maybe in many terms it still is. When I mean dominated, I say most of the professional field was comprised of males in the majority.

However, with changing times, being at par with rest of the world, Indian women are also getting opportunities to venture out into professional life, and they are scaling new height of success by their sheer talent and determination.

Here is one story that can be an inspiration to many ladies to keep pursuing their dreams.

Dr.Neharika Pandey is a qualified and busy practicing dentist. But that is not all. Other than being a Dental Surgeon, Dr. Neharika is also a professional competitive racer.

Dentist. A Professional SuperBiker. Seems like another Impossible combination, right?

In western countries, it is a regular thing for ladies to be into racing professionally.

However, In India its something new and unique.

Dr. Neharika Yadav, who ably balances her twin pursuits of dentistry and being the fastest women on the bike has already completed 2000 kilometers at the Buddh International Circuit having first made a pilgrimage to the track as this biking enthusiast.

Readers will know that Professional Biking is not an easy sport. It demands much fitness which is very difficult to maintain. The body of every racer is subjected to an extreme amount of g-force during the race laps. Such intense is the stress on the body that in F1 and Superbike races, riders lose 1 to 2 kg of body weight every race.

Therefore, to be in this sport, there is the requirement of extreme level of fitness.

To maintain this high level of fitness, Dr. Neharika spends hours in the gym every day. It’s not at all an easy thing taking time out from dentistry. However, she does it week after week in the pursuit to maintain the fitness required for international competitions.

Racing requires extreme fitness © Jassi Singh

But maintaining the fitness is just one aspect of being a professional racer. Another quality required to be a professional racer is “Daredevilry.”
See the next slide, to know how Dr. Neharika counters risks by her sheer courage to excell in her passion to be a Superbike racer.

In this post, we are talking about another women power in dentistry, Dr. Neharika Yadav who is also a professional international level Superbike racer.

In the previous slide, we saw the rigorous amount of training undertaken by Dr. Neharika to maintain the level of fitness required to participate in International Superbike races. However, other than fitness there is the need for another quality.

© Nitin Gupta

That quality is courage.

There is a constant risk of significant injuries in the racing sports. One needs to have a lot of guts and determination to be able to do well in this competition.

Months of determined practice orchestrated by her efforts and marked by significant guidance from senior and pro- fellow riders nurtured the bike racer in her.

Starting out from a 150 cc Honda, Neharika ably picked up both the technical know-how of the craft of bike racing and also countered the greatest fear of them all; the risk of losing one’s life in this dangerous pursuit.

Today, within just three years of Motorcross and Superbiking, Neharika having established her foray into a sport that needs a lot of courage and daredevilry. Moreover, this is only the beginning.

Have a look at the go cam video of Dr. Neharika practicing laps before race day.

In spite of her extremely busy schedule as a Superbike racer (traveling the world), Dr. Neharika runs a busy and hi-tech cosmetic dental practice.
Check out next her awesome dental practice set up on the next slide

In this post, we are talking about another women power in dentistry, Dr. Neharika Yadav who is also a professional international level Superbike racer. 

In the previous slides, we discussed how an elegant lady dentist Dr. Neharika Yadav is making her foray into the world of international Superbike racing. She travels the world to compete in the races and also spends considerable time in the gym to maintain the fitness required for the sport.

So, you might be thinking, does she has time to work as a dentist? For many dentists, just maintaining a dental practice is hectic enough. However, in the case of Dr. Neharika time is just a phase. In spite of all her busy schedule, she still manages time and effort to successfully run a high-end dental practice.

The name of her practice is Dr N’s Dentistry and it is state of art dental practice.

Dr N’s Dentistry

The Facebook page of the clinic states a high number of happy patients with excellent cosmetic results and dental treatments.

Dr. Neharika at her practice
Dr. Neharika interacting with patients

Next the concluding slide.
The accolades received by Dr. Neharika and what is the significance of her success for the dental fraternity?
Also, check out some amazing racing pictures of Dr. Neharika and also her motivational & Racing Videos

In this post, we are talking about another women power in dentistry, Dr. Neharika Yadav who is also a professional international level Superbike racer. 

Due to her hard work and success both as a dentist and an international Superbike racer, Dr. Neharika has been receiving a lot of accolades and appreciation from every quarter. She has been widely covered both in print as well as online media.

Covered by Hindustan Times

Editorial comments:

What is the significance of all the achievements by Dr. Neharika and why she is celebrated by so many people including the dental fraternity?

There is much value in what she has achieved as a dental surgeon and then as a racer.

Agree or not, every profession needs that person with X-factor who can bring attraction back to the profession by adding an extra dimension to the profile that gets popular among people. Dr. Neharika Yadav is one such doctor and dental surgeon. Due to her hard work and efforts, she is also putting the spotlight on dentistry as a profession.

Not only that, Dr. Neharika is also acting as a motivator for many youths. She regularly travels to various colleges & universities to give motivational lectures to young minds and thus playing a role in the growth of the society. She also uses her reach to propagate women safety & rights. Though she drives at a speed more than 200 Km/hr (Only on racing tracks), she is an active promoter of safe driving and following the traffic rules. 

Check out Dr. Neharika’s Tedx Hyderabad Motivational Speech

She was also featured in Discovery Channel Documentary

We, on behalf of the Indian Dental Community, congratulate Dr. Niharika for bringing a good name to the profession of dentistry and also to the Indian biking sports.

Dentalorg.Com wishes DR. NIHARIKA YADAV all the success in the coming years.

Check out some of the amazing pics of the doctor biking in racing tracks.

Neharika Yadav, who has spent 2 years in Motorcross, the most rugged form of racing. She has also made an entry into Superbiking, riding a Ducati 899 Panigale.

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