How To Create Original Images For Your Professional Medical And Dental Practice Promotion In A Few Minutes Without Graphic Skills

In this post, we will see how doctors, dentists, and health professionals can create original pictures for their private health practices and professional websites using a fantastic service called DesignBold.

In this post, we will see how doctors, dentists, and health professionals can create original pictures for their private health practices and professional websites using a fantastic service called DesignBold.

An image speaks a thousand words.

This statement is forever right. In the context of professional health services, the above statement is highly applicable.

For your practice
Image Created using DesignBold

In the 21st century, visual material is the king of contents.

It does not matter what the medium is. It may be television, the internet, websites, photographs or your mobile/tablet screen. Images rule every medium. According to an estimate by the year 2018 and beyond more than  85% of the contents on various mediums including the internet will be visual materials.

Why are visual materials so popular? Here are the reasons: 

  • Images have the power to create perceptions. Businesses all over the World use images to create a real and positive perception about their brand.
  • Images are easy to understand and generates interest among people. With the decreasing attention span of users, images are an easier way to grab their attention.
  • Visual materials are getting the maximum response on the internet and social media. Companies that use marketing plans based on images along with relevant text contents create 650% higher engagement than regular text based promotions.

How can Doctors, Dentists or health professionals use images to improve their professional practice?

1. Use Images that ooze confidence:

Health professionals can use images to incite a sense of positivity in patients. Whether online or in print, always use images that show a smiling and confident doctor or health professional. That immediately has a calming effect on the patient.

For example, to promote your dental practice on social media you can use an image like the one below:

We care for the smile of your loved ones
Image Created using DesignBold

You might assume that some experienced Photoshop person did the design. Well, if you did assume then you are wrong. The design was made on my laptop with an internet hotspot while traveling on a passenger boat.

I created this design using the ready to edit design templates at DesignBold.

DesignBold has a library of thousands of design layouts. You can pick any one and start adjusting it as per your requirement. 

If you want to edit the picture above for your health practice, then check the DesignBold edit link here.

2. Use Images to Promote the facilities and USP of your practice:  

As a doctor, dentist or health professional you spend thousands of dollars in lacing your practice with all the latest and modern equipment. So, do not be shy to flaunt them in images.

Use a good camera or your smart phone. Click some quality pictures of the hi-tech equipment in your practice and upload the photos to DesignBold.

Then you can add your photos with the DesignBold image layouts to create high-quality pictures to promote your health practice.

For example, if you have a hi-tech microscope and laser unit at your practice to undertake microsurgeries, then it wise to highlight them as your unique selling point.

Real practice case:  One of my colleagues had recently added a microscope and laser unit to his practice. He wanted to circulate printouts and social media posts for the new equipment. The image you see below was designed for social media promotion. He also took print outs of the picture for offline promotion. Both the online and offline response to the image was very encouraging. It was also very cost effective for him compared to any other mode of advertising.
Image Created Using DesignBold

The image was created using ready to edit verticle design layouts at DesignBold. The image is tall and appears nicely in smart phone screens as well as desktops.

If you want to modify the above picture according to your requirement, then you can edit it at DesignBold dashboard.

Below is another example of an image created using DesignBold, where an Oral Surgeon wanted to promote the use of Dental Implants at his practice.

High-Quality Dental Implants
Image Created using DesignBold
If you would like to edit this picture for your use, then you can check this design at DesignBold.

3. Use patient images with happy faces and smile:

Keep one point in mind – never post operative photos or pictures of surgical procedure in promotional activities or clinic posters.

Many doctors are under the assumption that posting such pictures will impress the patients. However, that is not true. Rather such pictures can have a very repulsive effect on the patients. It will add to their phobia.

It can also lead to medico legal cases. Doctors and health professionals are not supposed to make public the treatment or operative pictures for promotion unless they have written consent from the patient.

The best solution is to put the after-before photos, comparing just the smiles to showcase the benefits of the treatment.

Check this simple image for a multi specialty clinic that shows the picture of a family. These kinds of images induce a feeling of comfort within the people visiting your practice.

We Take Care of Your Loved Ones
Image Created Using DesignBold
You can edit and modify the picture above to suit your needs at DesignBold.

4. Use images to build up your professional practice brand value

It is true that images have the power to create an impact.

However, it is is also true that if not handled correctly then images can dent the value of your professional brand. So, it is essential that you do not post any random, unplanned low-quality images for the online and offline promotion of your medical or dental practice.

Image Created Using DesignBold

The easiest way to create authentic images is to use high-quality photos that speak about your practice. Design images where your practice name is evident and at the same time complements to the background picture.

For every image there are four components:

  • Header Text
  • Primary Focus Image
  • Background Image or Color
  • Your practice logo.

There is no single rule for creating the perfect design. It is always hit and trial until you get the perfect result.

However, with online graphic designing services such as DesignBold, this whole trial and error process becomes easy and fun to do. In a short span of time, you can try various combinations to see which design type suits your brand idea.

How DesignBold helps you in creating amazing images for your health practice?

All the images you saw above were created using DesignBold. I have been personally using it to build high-quality images for and also for the professional practice website for other doctors. The response to the pictures has been great both online and offline.


As health professionals, we do not have time to spend hours in designing pictures. At the same time, hiring a graphic designer every time we need some images is time-consuming and adds additional costs. I came across DesignBold in a random search, and from that day I have been creating my images without hiring any professional graphic designer.

In next few points, we will see how you can create original high-quality images for your professional practice.

In DesignBold, everything that you need for creating an image is already preloaded.

Log in to the DesignBold website and click on New Design. Immediately you will get to select pre designed image layouts of various sizes required by different social media platforms.

DesignBold Review
DesignBold image Layouts

You need to select a particular size of the canvas. For my practice website and offline print version, I usually choose the Pinterest image size due to its vertical dimension, which appears nicely both on larger screens and mobile devices.

Image Creation

Once you have the canvas ready, then it is time to add texts, icons & backgrounds. DesignBold has a vast collection of icons, vectors, backgrounds, and illustrations. You can add them to the canvas as per your design requirements.

No design is complete without adding high-quality images. You have two ways to find the pictures.

  • You can search Google for related pictures. But not all the pictures will be of high quality, and there are copyright issues also.
  • If you have some money to spare, then you may purchase photos from stock image websites. However, keep in mind that a single high-resolution image can cost you in the range of $10 to $50. Even if you purchase two pictures, it is going to cost you nearly $100.

DesignBold provides the perfect solution to both the above problems.

DesignBold has a collection of 200,000 images (for free users) covering a broad range of categories including health professional pictures. You can drag and drop images on to the designing canvas to create a suitable image for your medical practice.

If you are a subscriber (pro or team), then you get access to 60 million stock images and graphics to use in your designs.

image for dentist

Once you are happy with your design, then you can download a high-quality version of the image to use on your website, social media channels and print promotions.


People and businesses from every profession are using images to increase their online as well as offline reach to potential customers.

Hence, it is high time that doctors and health professionals also start taking the use of images seriously.

Images are one of the most economical and high impact promotional tools at present and services like DesignBold, make the process of designing high-quality promotional pictures fast, easy and efficient.

We have been using DesignBold at online platforms, and readers have been highly responsive to the new designs. It has resulted in an increase in traffic and user interaction at our website. We had also advised many doctors in our circle to try and create images using DesignBold. All of them have reported a growth in their social media reach after using the images created using DesignBold.

For example, have a look at one of the most popular infographics that we created recently using DesignBold. It has been very popular among doctors and dental surgeons, and we have received hundreds of requests to provide a print version of the infographic.

Within a week the infographic has received more than 1000 shares on social media. All these offline popularity and social media shares will ultimately result in more visitors at your professional dental or medical practice.

You can also create such info graphics in the comfort of your home or practice with the help of DesignBold Infographics Layouts.

Dental Practice Management
Image Created using DesignBold

If you want to create some amazing pictures for your professional health practice, then you can check the official website of DesignBold below. Do create some amazing images for your practice and share them with us.

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