In this article we will discuss - How Can You Create An Awesome Website for your Dental Setup ?

Lets Start with the 2nd Point 

Choosing the Correct Hosting Service for your Dental Website

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After you complete the tough task of finding and buying an appropriate domain name, next comes the task of choosing a good and correct hosting service.

  1. Hosting Service is the space where all the contents of your website are stored. All the articles, photos, special softwares – everything. Its like a house for you website where all the belongings are kept safe and sound. 
  2. Thus, its very essential to have a great hosting service. A weak hosting service means a weak house which may not protect all your belongings. 
  3. So its essential that you choose a reputed company providing you the most stable and robust hosting service that does not go down frequently. 
  4. There are many types of Hosting like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. (Gradually increasing in cost in the same order). For most of the websites shared hosting is enough. There is no need to spend more on VPS and dedicated hosting, until unless you have a lot of cash to spend. 

Again from my experience – I have been using the BlueHost Hosting Service for many years and it has been absolutely easy experience without any downtime and always fast loading site.

You can check out and purchase discounted Blur Host services

Lets Start with the 3rd Point 

Designing Your Dental Web Site

Ok, in the last two slides we saw Getting the Name for your website and the Hosting Service.

Now we will see the designing aspect of your website.

This is one aspect where you need to be very careful because

a wrong selection of the developer can lead to a lot of increase in expenses and delay in your project.

Appointing a dedicated Designer to Design your Site

  • Here you appoint a designer and tell him/her your ideas for the design of your dental website. 
  • But it can be a very costly proposition. Good designers don’t come cheap and for their talent/ hard work they do deserve the high amount.
  • But many times as a health professional you don’t have much idea and you end up spending a lot of money. For some cost may not be a factor but it might be for you. There is a alternative for you.

Many of my dentist friends have been using WORD PRESS and running their Dentist Website for many years. Its a very effective, easy way to start your dental clinic website. 

  • Even if your are appointing a Designer tell him/her to deign your website on WordPress. Using Word press if free. You already have bought Domain & Hosting.
  • WordPress comes with already ready design templates that are completely free which you can easily install. If you prefer more functionality, then there are many professional wordpress designs are available for purchase that are very effective. 
  • If you find these easy steps still difficult then appointing a developer and taking his/her help in getting the wordpress installed, wordpress designs/plugins installed will cost you less than 1/4 th price that you will spend on creating a complete new platform for your website. 

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If you are taking help of a designer then 

What are the features you Should Ask the Designer To Integrate in you Dental Website

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