This post is dedicated to all parents who work hard with dedication for years so that they can provide all the opportunities so that you can become a doctor.

They Made You Healthy

so that you can work for success

Success needs hard work.

Any success that we get, we achieve it because of our hard work. We feel proud of it.

But to work hard we need to have a good health. If your childhood was healthy that gives you more chances to have an healthy adult life. And you know that …

It was your mother who spent countless sleepless nights to keep you healthy.

The moment you were born … she gave her milk to provide you with antibodies.

She kept you clean and tidy from birth till the day you started feeling shy.

You will have a fever during school exams & she will be there awake, sponging you, feeding you with healthy food to make you healthy again.

After 12th when you were preparing for your medical/dental entrance exams, she will be there with you every time to check that you are emotionally and physically healthy.

Because of all the attention to keep us healthy … We were in a healthy frame both physicaly and emotionally to be successful doctor today.

Thanks mom for keeping me healthy & happy even if you took lot of pains for that.

She’s till today your alarm clock : See Next Slide