This post is dedicated to all parents who work hard with dedication for years so that they can provide all the opportunities so that you can become a doctor.

Mother <3

Father <3

Its two words of only 6 alphabets.

But within these 6 words the entire creation exists.

It’s a hectic world and demanding times. In our pursuits of happiness in career & worldly desires, we tend to take it for granted the biggest happiness of our lives that’s also most easy one to get … a nap to in your mother’s lap or a few assuring words from your father.

Today you are doctor and have a position in the society.

And for that your mother/father have sacrificed a lot.

A single blog post is not enough to possibly explain all their sacrifices & love for you.

But here we will try just to recap some of the best points that will remind all of us – the sweet loving things mothers/fathers have done for us and are still doing.

They are the reason we are doctors today

See the next few slides to relive the most amazing things our mothers/fathers have done to make us doctors.

Let’s Start – They Taught you your first A, B, C, D


They Taught You A, B, C, D …

Today you are a doctor.

You have the ability to write and say difficult medical terms like

” Actinobacillus Actinomycetecomitans “

You know so much about human body and people respect you for that.

But there was a time may be 20 years back when it all started.

Your mother made you sit down with paper and pencil. She taught you how to hold the pencil properly. And she taught you the alphabets that will shape your life … A, B, C, D …

Today it might not seem much … but she spent countless hours before you could learn these basic alphabets. That was the day your life took first step towards being a doctor in future.

Thanks mom for teaching me my first letters.

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They Made You Healthy

so that you can work for success

Success needs hard work.

Any success that we get, we achieve it because of our hard work. We feel proud of it.

But to work hard we need to have a good health. If your childhood was healthy that gives you more chances to have an healthy adult life. And you know that …

It was your mother who spent countless sleepless nights to keep you healthy.

The moment you were born … she gave her milk to provide you with antibodies.

She kept you clean and tidy from birth till the day you started feeling shy.

You will have a fever during school exams & she will be there awake, sponging you, feeding you with healthy food to make you healthy again.

After 12th when you were preparing for your medical/dental entrance exams, she will be there with you every time to check that you are emotionally and physically healthy.

Because of all the attention to keep us healthy … We were in a healthy frame both physicaly and emotionally to be successful doctor today.

Thanks mom for keeping me healthy & happy even if you took lot of pains for that.

She’s till today your alarm clock : See Next Slide

She is till today

your alarm clock

Today you might be a doctor … but you can never forget who kept a track of all your exam dates and marks.

Mothers are the alarm clocks that shape our career.

You might forget about studying, your exam or entrance dates in your fun or hectic schedule. But your mother won’t.

She keeps a track of everything.

She notes your timetable.

She keeps a track of your marks, your improvements and career.

She is the one who manages like a professional ( may be without an MBA degree ) you entire career without you even noticing it. Some times we used to get angry and say ” Mom ! Why are you always after my studies ??? “

But today when you are a doctor or on the road to be a doctor – you know very well that all the efforts and management by mom lead you to this path.

Our mothers are our alarm clock and without them we will never wake up in time in our life to achieve anything.

Its was because of their time check that we are in a position today in our life to be respected as doctors.

Thanks to our mothers again for that.

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When you faced failure …

She was the One with you 

Today you are a doctor and on road to success.

But you were always not successful.

There must have been many times when you were unsuccessful in-spite of all your efforts.

You must have felt like you can never be a success again. You felt hopeless. Many be you were worried that no relatives or friends will understand you.

But in that time … mother always stood rock solid with you.

She definitely enjoyed your success … but in difficult times she will never leave your side.

Success has many friends … but failure has only 2 friends … Mom & Dad.

They support you, motivate you & give you hope … so that you are ready to fight another time.

It was that support and motivation that lead you towards a professional career of doctor.

So thanks a lot mom for being there for me when I did no do well to give me strength to do well in life.

She was you real bank

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You mom was you Bank in real sense

This is so so so true.

Just ask yourself … how much money you have spent in all your school and college days !!!

You joined your medical and dental course and you are fully in to your college life. Many times you will have a sudden need for money to buy instruments, for conferences, for outings or just to buy dresses.

You are scared to ask your dad : )

In that case you ask your mother … cause you know she will give you what you want. Because she wants to see you happy and enjoy. So many countless times we have done it.

Mom was truly a bank in real sense . Not only of money … but lots of love.

She not only gave us money … she taught us how valuable is money and how to use it correctly.

You might be a doctor but she is your true healer

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She was the One To Heal

Your Broken Heart

This is one story that many of us face during the college days. We are away from home. We fall in love. We start planning for future. But one day the heart break happens.

Its such a crumbling feeling. We feel lonely. We feel anger. We make ourselves isolated. In such a situation other than our friends the only one who truly heals us is mother.

Its not easy for her. We vent our pent up anger that we have closed in our heart in front of her. We cry, we get angry, we shout and listens to all the outbursts silently.

And she clam us down. She gives us courage that heartbreaks in college days but there is more to look forward in life.

Personally I have so many such cases during my BDS and MDS days and mothers are the one who are able to put the situation back in track.

Thanks to our mother to heal our broken heart. Otherwise who know we might have hurt ourselves.

You know who prays for you 24×7 so you become a doctor. Its your mother.

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Father – The Silent Worker

In all the above points don’t forget the role of fathers. Fathers usually appear to be tough. But inside they are very soft. In this harsh world they work day and night to provide for the family.

What ever you wish for is only possible because the fathers and many cases mothers also work day and night to bring in the necessary finance.

Yes money can’t buy happiness but for all the expenses – starting from your schooling to the completion of your medical education – finance is needed and your father works his entire life to get the money for that. Fathers are the shield that look after you  every day & every minute.

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so that you become a doctor


Parents Pray For You 24 x 7

It is said in ancient Prayers have the power to change the fate of the world. And there is nothing more powerful than the prayers of a mother.

During all the years of your medical & dental education you pray to the doctors for your success.

But there is another person who prays for you 24×7 and that’s your mother.

Many of the gen next students, when they achieve success the tend to forget the sacrifices and prayers of their mother/father.

They call it the success of their luck and thankful to God.

But God did not come down to earth to help you and pray for you. It is always your parents who prayed for you. They were the messenger of Gods to take care of you.

Mother & Father are the only person in the whole world who will pray for your success without a single expectation of something in return.

So thanks to mother and father for all those years of prayers.

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They are the the biggest fan you will ever have

You Mother Is Your Biggest Fan

This is one quality for which you cannot say enough thanks to your mother.

She is your Number one fan and has the maximum belief on you.

When rest of the world loses hope on you, criticizes or mocks you

she is the one who still believes you are the best.

Am not saying it just like that. My friend was trying for Govt. MDS seat and was not getting through for last 3 years. But his mother never left hope. He might be down and depressed but his mother was still positive and believed in his hero –  his son.

And next exam he cleared the MDS seat and got a Govt. job also.

And when I went to his home … His mother Gave the Big smile and said

“I had told you – My Son Is The Best”

At the same time she is your biggest critique always trying to make you the best possible doctor and human being.

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Final 2 points – Combination of Love, Courage & Selflessness

Parents are the most SELFLESS & COURAGEOUS people

in your life you can ever have

Being a doctor is not easy. It involves years of consistent hard work. All though the years of hard work its not only you but your parents also. Your mother & father stand next to you in all failures.

Others who may come to your life always will have some expectations from you that will be of use to them. But not your parents.

They are the only persons in the whole wide world who will sacrifice everything for your success and the day you get success and become a doctor, THEY won’t fight for credits. They will silently step back and will the happiest to see you receive all the accolades and glory.

You will never find another 100 % selfless person in the entire universe

So on this mother’s/father’s day … Say thanks to them .. See Next

The Final Slide – Be forever Thankful

We are Forever Thankful To Them

As doctors we can never say enough thanks to our parents .

They are the reason we are doctors.

They are our creator

They are our motivator

So next time a patient says to you ” Thank You Doctor ” You already know, to whom you should say thanks.

We end this article here and its is dedicated to all you doctors and to your mother/father.

Happy Mother’s Day & Father’s Day To all and spread the ” Role of Parents ” by sharing it.

In fact Every day is a mother’s & father’s day.