Mother <3

Father <3

Its two words of only 6 alphabets.

But within these 6 words the entire creation exists.

It’s a hectic world and demanding times. In our pursuits of happiness in career & worldly desires, we tend to take it for granted the biggest happiness of our lives that’s also most easy one to get … a nap to in your mother’s lap or a few assuring words from your father.

Today you are doctor and have a position in the society.

And for that your mother/father have sacrificed a lot.

A single blog post is not enough to possibly explain all their sacrifices & love for you.

But here we will try just to recap some of the best points that will remind all of us – the sweet loving things mothers/fathers have done for us and are still doing.

They are the reason we are doctors today

See the next few slides to relive the most amazing things our mothers/fathers have done to make us doctors.

Let’s Start – They Taught you your first A, B, C, D


They Taught You A, B, C, D …

Today you are a doctor.

You have the ability to write and say difficult medical terms like

” Actinobacillus Actinomycetecomitans “

You know so much about human body and people respect you for that.

But there was a time may be 20 years back when it all started.

Your mother made you sit down with paper and pencil. She taught you how to hold the pencil properly. And she taught you the alphabets that will shape your life … A, B, C, D …

Today it might not seem much … but she spent countless hours before you could learn these basic alphabets. That was the day your life took first step towards being a doctor in future.

Thanks mom for teaching me my first letters.

See Next Slide : How she never slept properly …

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