Top Twelve Realities For a Young Dentists in 2017

Top Twelve Realities For a Young Dentists in 2017 - This post will tell the 12 most practical realities faced by young dentists in 2017

Reality #3.Dentists of that Old Era

Are Super Big Shots Now

If you feel I am just blabbering, then please use the internet and have a search.

There are some very senior dentists (who passed around 30 years back) who now own dental colleges, and you might be studying in one of those dental colleges.

Sooner or later you will feel “Gosh If I had to be a Dentist then

Why Wasn’t I born 30 years back !!!!”


Reality #4. The Financial Reality

The feeling of a BDS pass-out in today’s time is the complete opposite.

The happiness of finishing the course is very short lived.

The financial realities hit the student hard, and the euphoria of being a doctor goes away.

He/She struggles and toils but is not very sure where his/her profession is going financially.  As they say, money cannot buy you happiness but at the same time money is needed for your basic dignity and survival. However philosophical we might try to become …

in the end, one of the parameters of a successful career is ” Show Me The Money.”

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The Job Scenario In Dental Institutions

(Even for MDS/Post Graduates)