Top Twelve Realities For a Young Dentists in 2017



In this post, we are going to discuss 12 practical issues faced by a young dentist in terms of financial earnings. These points have been compiled after discussing with a lot of young dentists all over India.

Dentistry in India as a profession is at a very crucial juncture. In a country of billions, there are huge opportunities for dentists. But there are may associated factors that are holding back the young dentists of India. Though the number of dentists is increasing at a rapid speed, but the average success rate (of financial success practice) is low. Some time back an unofficial survey was carried out at targetted at young dentists in their twenties. The questions were related to the happiness factor. The happiness factor among the young dentists was not so good.

So, let us start the article and discuss the top 12 realities for a modern day young dentist.

Reality #1.There was a time 10 – 15 years back

The Golden Era For Fresh Dentists

Around 10 to 15 years back dentist meant just “dentist”

Nobody ever asked – BDS or MDS?

General Practitioner or Specialist Practitioner?

It was just – Doctor of teeth.

A selected few (mostly students who couldn’t get Medicine seat) joined the dental schools for dentistry.

After completing Dental Degree, they used to open their own dental practice.They were able to set up their dental practice without many difficulties. In short time they used to make good money also.

Within a span of few months, they not only start making consistent profits from their dental practice but also a name in the society.

Believe me, that was the golden era of dentistry.

You will be wondering – why am I saying so?

Because that was the time when a Dental Graduate (BDS) after completing his graduation


Feeling of a New Dental Graduate 10 to 15 years back was like the pic below.

Feeling of a fresh after he/she comes out of dental school in the present day – See the pic below

In this post, we will tell you about all the so called issues that a regular dentist is facing and

not only that – What’s the solution and the silver lining?

 Reality #2.Life of A Dental Student –

A decade & half ago

(Show me the money)

A decade ago – the career of a new dental student was different.

He/She was not worried whether there will be a  job in some college or not. He/She was more interested in improving the clinical skills so that he/she can open a clinic and run it successfully.

Even if few of them wanted to study higher or join colleges as staffs there were enough MDS seats and job offers to join Dental Colleges.

But the main goal of dental graduates was to have their own clinic.

And why not ???

It was relatively easy to set up a clinic 10 years back. After setting up a modest clinic, they used to recover their money in a span of 2 to 3 years. The profit margin in any dental treatment is quite high. So, most of the BDS people who passed a decade back are now running highly profitable clinics.

The mentality of a fresh BDS graduate 10 years back … was somewhat like this …

Also the senior people and practitioners (very few in number) of that time were kind and considerate to help/teach the young graduates.

At the end of the day – a New Dentist graduate was getting a chance to work and earn in a dignified manner.

“If you are a dental student … then you must be having some friends whose parents are dentists. Barring a few … most of such parents are regular dentist only and with that, they were able to achieve success, respect, and money. They could earn an adequate amount that gave them a good lifestyle and also to their kids.

That’s why I say …any dentist new dentist of 2017 & beyond will feel that 10-15 years back it was the golden era of dentistry.

See Next Slide for Reality #3

The Dentists of Old Era are  big shots now

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