Check out the 7 happiest moments for a dentist. You will identify with all these points that happen in the daily life of a Dental Surgeon.


Being a Dentist is not easy. It’s very stressful as it involves 2 very difficult things to satisfy a patient. 1st to reduce the pain and 2nd to improve the aesthetics.

Yes, its is tough & stressful … but there are numerous happy and gratifying moments also.

Every profession has its happy days. And dentistry also provides many happy and satisfying moments.

The problem is in between all stresses, we don’t notice them.

In this post, we will look at some of those happy moments. Yay ….

Let’s Start the Happy Moments šŸ˜€

1.Changing Some One’s Smile

This is the real happiness for a dentist.

With our knowledge and craft we can change someone’s smile and life.

This is the real happiness in this profession.

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Your Own Clinic

2.Having Your Own Clinic

This is one happiness that all dental student wants. The day you have your own clinic … that’s one of the happiest days of your life.

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Reaching the End of CanalĀ 

3. GP reaching the whole canal

While doing Root Canal … when the gutta purcha reaches the whole working length … its does give a lot ofĀ  happiness

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Do you remember how happy you feel when you see a perfectly mixed Alginate

4. Properly Mixed Alginate

He he šŸ™‚ … This might seem funny but Getting a proper Mix of Alginate … gives lot of happiness and also you don’t waste your materials.

Another HappinessĀ 

When a patient Pays MONEY !

5. When The Patient Pays

Dentists work very hard to give benefit to their patients.

They also have their own families.

So after a hard days of work or a tough case when the patient pays for our fees … that’s happiness for us.

The last and the biggest happiness of all is next ….

6. A call from the patient

Its true happiness to get a call from the patient just to say Hi

7. When We Are Called A Doctor For the 1st Time

We start our Dental Student days with great enthusiasm.

We work very hard for 5 years to complete the course.

And the Day finally Comes when we complete our internship and we are officially doctors and ready for more achievements in life.

Its a day that’s not only proud for us but also for our parents and other loved ones.

That sums off the best 7 happiest moments of a Dentist’s life.

So, enjoy being a Dentist & Find those precious happy moments in it.

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