GetSiteControl 2020 Review – The All in One Website Widget System

How “Get Site Control” Can Supercharge Your website?

An Extensive In-depth Review of Services of “Get Site Control” after using it for two years.

Please note that this is not an affiliate post. It’s a post that we chose to write as thanks to the fantastic servive by “Get Site Control.” It is purely a user based review. 

When I started creating and managing websites back in 2002, one of my mentors had told meThe success of your website always depends on – how well connected your website is, to its viewers.”

It takes much effort and countless hours to create a website that gets decent traffic. However, once you achieve that goal the future growth of your website entirely depends on the interaction that you establish with your loyal readers.

Social media platforms are one part of creating that connection. Yet, there was a time when social media was not that familiar, but website owners still used to create fruitful interaction with their users. Thus, it is always a wise choice to create a funnel of connectivity with readers that are not dependent on social media platforms. It is common sense that tells us not to put all your eggs in a single basket.

When We did not know about GetSiteControl and were struggling with Other High-Cost Premium Plugins

Being a Social Service Organisation, we needed a proper system to connect with readers and volunteers. But as a community-based organization, the budget we have for website operations is usually small – as a major portion of our funds goes into managing the on locations workforce.

So, we need to be careful in managing the finance of running our website. Even with a limited budget, we tried many paid plugins in the hope that it will be useful for our online connectivity. But with time it became too costly as for every extra feature, we had to pay an additional price.

At one time we were managing five separate plugins for our website to enhance the connectivity with our users.

Irrespective of the type of website you have, making a connection with your readers is of paramount importance. When we say connection, it is not enough just to have a pop up to collect emails. Readers are now tuned to overlook the email collecting popups. The need of the hour is to have a variety of tools that will invite the readers to respond or interact with your website.

Every website needs 7 tools to establish an interaction with the readers

E-Mail opt-in subscription

Announcement/promo notification

Call out notification

Survey system

A good contact form system

Social share system

Chat system

To take the connectivity of your website to the next level, you need at least one and more of the above features. The good thing is there are many online services providing these facilities. However, the drawback is most of these online services offer you one or a maximum of two of the systems mentioned above.

The price factor: Most of the existing services that provide any one of the seven mentioned tools (for example email subscription box) charge a minimum average of $20 per month. For example, OptinMosnter costs $19 monthly for the basic email opt-in forms.

If you start purchasing plugins for every service we mentioned above – you will end up paying around $240 (USD) – an average minimum per year. (considering each of the plugins you buy costs $20 per month).

Therefore, to have all the seven tools, you may need to shell out 240 x 7 = $1680 yearly just on the plugins. Please note the costs can go even higher as there are other associated costs to run a website.

The convenience factor:  If you do purchase multiple plugins or services for different functionalities like email collection forms, survey & social share, then the next issue is managing the plugins.

As your website gets popular, your concentration will be on creating quality content for your readers. In that case, managing each of the plugins gets time-consuming for you.

  1. So for us, it was becoming a huge problem managing these separate plugins and their cost. It was putting a lot of strain on our limited budget.
  2. Also, many of these plugins were so heavy, that they just bloated up the database and making our site slower and slower with each passing day. (to make it clear we were hosted on shared hosting as our budget is limited)
  3. To put it in a straight forward manner – we were overwhelmed and worried about managing such high paying separate plugins for each of the functions we required. Rather than making our work smooth and increasing the connectivity of our site with viewers and volunteers – it was turning out to be a point of worry managing & paying separately for these high-cost plugins.
  4. A lot of our time was going into managing these plugins alone thereby reducing our efficiency.

But finally, we were able to find a Solution to All our Website Connectivity problems when during a random Google Search, we came across the services provided by “GetSiteControl.” 

Why ” Get Site Control ” is effective?

  1. It is super easy to use.
  2. It provides great support.
  3. All the connectivity widgets at one place.
  4. Pricing is reasonable.
  5. The facilities provided to even a free user will put to shame many high cost competing plugins.
  6. It is Superfast – No Added Load on your Website.

After assessing all these points and using the service for a year now (at the time of writing this review), we have concluded – ” GetSiteControl ” is the best service you can use and we are not just saying it.

In this article, we will provide you a complete comparison of why we are saying so? 

What’s great about GetSiteControl?

GetSiteControl is a one-stop solution for every connectivity that your website will ever need. Here are the reasons why:

With the Help of  “GetSiteControl,” the connectivity between your website and its viewers is highly interactive. 

“GetSiteControl” has super fast widgets for everything, which you can quickly add to a website based on any CMS including WordPress.

As the name suggests – you get complete control over your sites.

GetSiteControl Widgets

Get Site Control Provides 7 Amazing Widgets

By using “GetSiteControl,” you are going to get to use all these highly sought after widgets/plugins at one place.

You don’t need to buy separate plugins from different vendors.

Each of these widgets performs a function that is essential to every website & blog. You will be happily surprised with the facilities Get Site Control provides to its customers – even to the free registered ones.

GetSiteControl is Super Fast

Yes, it is blazing fast. After using it, you will never go back to any other plugin.

What Happens in the case of Regular Plugins?

Every plugin that you add to your site – it also adds tables to your website database.

Over the period, these plugin database tables accumulate information and get bloated. In few months these plugin databases get huge and start slowing down your website. So to manage this, you need to optimize your database regularly, and that adds to your work time.

In case, you are not an experienced web developer then you will need to hire a website engineer to optimize the databases and keep your site fast. That adds further expenditure to the running costs of your site.

For example – take the case of any Premium-Priced Email Optin Plugins / Social Share plugins. You purchase one of those plugins and install them in the core of your website.

So, every time a new user signs up with email or shares one of your articles using the plugin – new entries are gets added to the plugin databases.

With the increase in your website traffic, the databases of these plugins accumulate a significant amount of data, ultimately slowing down your website.

In all probabilities, you might get an email  from your hosting company saying that – “your site is temporarily put on hold as it is consuming more resources.”

What Happens in Case of GetSiteControl

(5 Lines to Get You Connectivity Magic)

Get Site Control is a Cloud-based Service. So there is no strain on your website resources. You just need to insert code of few lines into the header or footer of your site.

Usage of GetSiteControl is independent of CMS you are using. Add a few lines of codes and you are ready to go. You will receive the codes after registering for free at GetSiteControl Website for the Free Trial (no credit cards asked).

Here are the five lines of code that you are going to use:

<script> (function (w,i,d,g,e,t,s) {w[d] = w[d]||[];t= i.createElement(g); t.async=1;t.src=e;s=i.getElementsByTagName(g)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(t, s); })(window, document, ‘_gscq’,’script’,’//*****/script.js’); </script>

The above code is safe and loads asynchronously. So it will not slow down your website.

Once you add the codes, you’re all set. No database table gets added to your site core.  Even if you have thousands of viewers – all the load of using the plugin is taken care of by the servers of GetSiteControl putting no strain, on your site.

Bottom Line – It puts no pressure on your website resources and even if you are on shared hosting – this plugin will work super fast. 

See the report of our site using GetSiteControl (Report Generated by Pingdom tools)

GetSiteControl takes only 24 milliseconds or 0.024 seconds to load the widgets! Super Fast!

What are the Various Widgets of GetSiteControl 

All the widgets by GetSiteControl come with settings by which you can control their appearance and behavior. Here is the basic overview of the settings of the widgets. Most of the settings are available to free users. But some highly specific utilities are for plus/pro users.

Essential Features of all the GetSiteControl Widgets

  1. Control the Widget Appearance You have complete control over the looks of your widgets. The control panel provides all the pre-built themes to select. You can also try your own combinations. 
  2. Customize the text that appears on your widgets
  3. Control When & How the widgets are shown to your Viewers  GetSiteControl provides a variety of options to control how and when the widgets appear before your viewers. The free module lets you control how often website visitors should see widgets and when to stop displaying them. You also get the option to schedule your widgets. Using the GetSiteControl dashboard you can specify certain hours, days of the week or dates when you want to start and stop your widgets.
  4. Control Highly Targeted Option for Your Widgets You can control who sees the widgets. For Example – you can make your widget visible only to the mobile users in a particular country. That is a great feature to achieve a highly targetted reach. This system comes with the pro version. But the free version lets you show the widgets to all your viewers.
  5. Email Autoresponder & Email Marketing Integration

Types of Widgets by GetSiteControl

Chat Widget

Some unique features that make GetSiteControl the best website connectivity product in the market

There are hundreds of plugins out there that claim to increase the interaction at your website. But none of them provides what GetSiteControl does to its users and that is 7 highly advanced and useful widgets in one place. (No need any more to have separate paying services for each feature)

E-Mail Subscription widgets, Contact forms/widgets/, Promo widgets, Chat System, Social Share System, Survey System, Social Follow Widget.

  1. 7 Different Widgets at One Place. These widgets are all that you will ever need for your website. No need to buy separate plugins from separate vendors.
  2. Flexible Usability (Based on your need): Once you sign up for GetSiteControl (No credit card required) – you will have access to use all the widgets for a free trial period of 7 days. Depending on the average number of visitors that you get at your site, you can select the appropriate plan. Hence, there is always the flexibility to spend only on what you require.
  3. No Coding required: on user part and Great to look at opt-in forms & widgets.
  4. All the widgets & forms are Responsive (adapting to devices o fall screen sizes) – this feature is available to all users of GetSiteControl. Many competing E-mails opt-in Plugins provide this responsive facility as a separate premium addon.
  5. The much talked about Exit intent Facility – can be used on all the 7 widgets. Again available to all plans.
  6. Real-time Statistics – All the GetSiteControl users receive real-time statistics. Even if you are a free user, you will get a fantastic map view and statistics that will exactly tell how your users are responding to your content. It is such an excellent feature. Many competing plugins will charge you a hefty premium price for the stats alone.
  7. Power to Edit the Forms: All users of GetSiteControl get the options to edit the widget appearance. If you want some advanced editing to your widget design, then you can easily do so from the widget dashboard.  You get the feature to add animated GIFs to your widgets.
  8. The positioning of the Widgets –  This is where Get Site Control is excellent. You get complete freedom to place the widgets where ever you like. They provide you with so many options. Here are some of the options – Fullscreen, Fly-in (left, right, top or bottom), the much talked about notification bar on top. (many plugins will charge you a hefty yearly price for these features.) But at GetSiteControl, a free user also gets to use these fantastic positioning options according to their website needs.
  9. The Chat System Many websites due to the nature of their content and services require a chat system on their website. All the existing companies that provide this chat service charge a very high price. But not Get Site Control. The full active chat service is available to all the users (irrespective of any plan you have purchased). For example, we were arranging an Oral health awareness campaign, and there was a need for real-time interaction between volunteers and visitors. All the dedicated website chat systems were too costly to afford. Once we started using GetSite Control (Small Plan) we not only got the chat system but 7 other widgets at just 19$ per month. If we had opted for a dedicated Chat only system for another company, it would have cost us around 49$ per month for the smallest plan.
  10. Services available to all users :


I don’t need to say much. You just need to compare the multitude of services provided by GetSiteControl (at a SINGE price) to its user against any competing product of your choice. You will notice the difference.

Many of the features that Get Site Control provides to all its users – other online services are charging a huge premium price for the same services.

In my assessment, this is by far the best free offer in this sector. Without even spending a dollar you can start using seven awesome widgets on your website. Even the smallest paid plan provides you access to all the widgets and premium features with unlimited use. The only thing to take care of is the number of visitors. As your visitor base increases (which is a great thing), you can just upgrade to a higher plan.

In the free plan, the widgets come with a “GetSiteControl” branding. Also, the number of views of the widgets is limited to 50,000 per website. However, for a basic website with moderate visitors and page views, this number is adequate.

Benefits of Having GetSiteControl Plan

GetSiteControl provides you 3 plans (small, medium & large). Each of the plans provides you unlimited usage of all the widgets and features. The Plans are categorized based on the number of average visitors you might have to whom widgets are displayed. It provides great flexibility for every user (without any limitations on the premium features of the widgets.

For example, users may start with the small plan and as the user base increases at their website, then yhey can just upgrade to the next higher plan for more visitors. Hence, its a great value for money. You only need to pay according to your requirement and get unlimited user access to all the widgets.



How much will you end up paying?

As mentioned before, you can always go with any plan depending on your average size of visitors. Irrespective of plan, you get unlimited access to use all the widgets. For example, ff you have less than 10,000 views per month at your site you can use the Small plan. If the usage exceeds, you have the option to upgrade to the next higher plan.

In the case, you have more than 50,000 to 100,000 page views; the Medium plan will be the right choice for you. In my analysis, I observed for most of the websites the medium plan is adequate. Unless of course your website gets more than 100,000 views per month or is an busy e-commerce website.

GetSiteControl Review
GetSiteControl Pricing

For the small plan, you will pay $108 per year that amounts to $9 per month.(You also get additional 2 months free)

So, GetSiteControl is an excellent value for money investment..

3 features of GetSiteControl that help us the most in our social awareness endeavors

More Control over widgets – The premium system provides you much more control over the widgets. It gives you the power to choose where your widgets will appear based on geography, operating systems, devices, returning users and much more. You will be amazed to see the flexibility. For example, we needed to promote an event exclusively among our volunteers in a particular city in India. So from the settings, we chose ” Include Location – India West Bengal. That’s all we needed to do! Get Site Control Made sure that the Notification is Visible to All The Volunteers Seeing the Site From West Bengal, India.

You can control which widget is showing to mobile visitors and which widget to Desktop/Laptop users. This feature helped us in targeting our messages and information specific to mobile or desktop users.

Auto Responder: All the Get Site Control widgets have autoresponder facility. So, if a user subscribes to your form, then GetSiteControl will automatically send the user an email. The best part is that e-mail will have YOUR WEBSITE name in the Section. (How cool is that !) – This feature is available to plus members.

Support System 

Timely, efficient & prompt. The support managers provide excellent support if you have any doubts. The whole system at GetSiteControl is so simple that, you will hardly have any problem with using the widgets. In case you do, then be assured you will get all the support. We got prompt support whenever we needed any guidance in running the widgets.



Get Site Control review
GetSiteControl Pricing

We are a Community Site and many times conduct health camps in rural & remote Places. After using Get Site Control, we are now actually connecting with our members, volunteers, and viewers. It has helped us a great deal in improving the efficiency of our ventures. We are now conducting our online planning, activities & workforce mobilization before we reach the site in person. All this became possible by using the services of GetSiteControl.

I have been using GetSiteControl (small plan) on my main social welfare website for the past four years. I have carried out email collection campaigns, surveys, promotions for my new books and much more using the widgets.

The results have been fabulous with more than a 90 % increase in user participation on my websites.

It also empowers my websites by giving them an alternative source of connectivity independent of social media platforms. I have collected more than 100000 leads, survey responses, chat interactions – all INDEPENDENT of any social media platform. In today’s’ world of social media dependency, GetSiteControl gives us the power to create our own contacts for websites that are not controlled by Facebook and others.

Should you go for GetSiteControl? In my assessment, you should.

With a relatively robust & economical Small Plan, you can get started without many spendings.

Please Note: This is not an affiliate post and there are no affiliate links within it. We chose to write this review only with the goal to share with all netizens about this great product, which has helped us extensively in our efforts to reach more people.

For a better understanding of all the features, you should visit the Official Website of GetSiteControl to check out the live demos. Rather than investing your money and precious time in purchasing/running & managing separate plugins for different purposes & from various vendors – it is 100 times better to have an account at GetSiteControl. For a modest single monthly payment, You get 7 Super Fast Widgets that will look amazing on your site. These seven widgets will take care of all the connectivity of your website to your viewers without putting any extra load on your website – both in terms of investment and resources. 

You will be happy that you joined Get Site Control. It will be the best investment you will make for your Brand & Website.

Get Site Control official website

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Once you sign up, you’ll get a full-featured free trial! There is absolutely no commitment: No credit card required and you can stop using it at any time. During this period you can try out our service with no limitations in functionality. Don’t worry about the website widget views: they won’t be limited during the trial week.