Famous Female Dentists in The World Who Paved the Way for Future Generation Women

We are discussing some of the most famous female dentists from past and present. Continuing with the article, let’s have a look at the next renowned female dentist.

Marian Spore Bush or Flora Marian Spore

Marian was one of the most famous female painters in the world and at the same time a very prolific dentist.

She graduated from the University of Michigan College of Dentistry in 1899. Flora opened a dental office in Bay City in 1901 and became the first female dentist in Bay County. She was widely appreciated “for her progressive and excellent work in the day when she fabricated inlays, crowns, bridgework, and dental plates in her laboratory.

She was also a pioneer in the field of periodontal dentistry. Using her skills performed many grafting and regenerative periodontal surgeries even in that era.

She also had a very powerful instinct for painting, and soon she was among some of the very talked about painters of that time.

As Flora Marian Spore, “she became well-known for a new and unusual technique, sometimes using paint so thick it seemed as much sculpture as painting. Brilliant color, power, and an unquestioned sense of design of a new and mystic school brought her work to the attention of art critics who reviewed her paintings with interest and favor.

She claimed her large surrealistic works were inspired by long-dead artists who were communicating with her from “beyond the veil.” Her predictions of the future, her unusual artwork, her work with the poor in New York City’s Bowery, incited much interest in the national press.

Even the great magician of all time Harry Houdini praised her paintings and believed that her paintings might have the supernatural connection.

She was also a very active philanthropist. Marian Spore distributed more than $1,300 weekly in meal tickets purchased. She provided alms for the feeble, the disabled, and the starving. Four tickets purchased for a nickel each made up the smallest semi-weekly ration. Spore added a little-colored ticket which was paired with meal tickets.


Badri Teymourtash

Badri Teymourtash (1911-1989) is considered the first female Iranian dentist.

As per Wikipedia, she is most famous for her humanitarian efforts to spread oral health treatments and awareness among the poor sections of the society.

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(At that time Women were not legally allowed to practice dentistry. It was considered as a criminal offense. However, the next three dentists defied this unjust law and cleared the way for women to practice dentistry.)

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