Famous Female Dentists in The World Who Paved the Way for Future Generation Women

There was a time when women were not allowed to practice dentistry legally. But in this post, we will talk about those female dentists who changed these unjust laws and paved the way for the future generation women to take up dentistry as a professional career.

We are discussing some of the most famous female dentists from past and present. Continuing with the article, let’s have a look at the next famous female dentist.

Bessica Medlar Raiche

(The dentist who made a plane with her husband in the home backyard and flew the aircraft without any formal training)

Bessica was a multi-faceted lady. She was a dentist, businesswoman, and a pilot. She was also a professional musician, painter, and linguist, and participated in swimming and shooting.

In 1900 she was working as a dentist and living in New Hampton.

She was the first woman in the United States accredited with flying solo in an airplane. Her accomplishment is impressive because she had received no flight instruction or experience before her flight.

She and her husband made a wright brothers type plane using indigenous tools and techniques right in their backyard garage. They modified Wright brothers design by using bamboo & silk in an attempt to make the aircraft lighter.

On September 16, 1910, in her homemade flyer at Hempstead Plains, New York, Bessica Raiche made the first solo airplane flight by a woman in the United States to be accredited by the Aeronautical Society of America.

She is the perfect example for dentists of all gender who want to pursue more in their life in addition to dentistry.


Annie Elizabeth Delany

(The first black dentist in USA & World)

Annie Elizabeth “Bessie” Delany (3 September 1891 – 25 September 1995) was an American dentist and civil rights pioneer who was the subject, along with her elder sister Sarah “Sadie” Delany, of the New York Times bestselling oral history, Having Our Say.

She was the second Black woman licensed to practice dentistry in New York State, and became famous, with the publication of the book, when she was aged 101.

Her role as a dentist is significant in the American black community of that era. She not only provided treatments to a lot of poor black people but also played a major role in advocating the education among black women.

Three best-selling autobiographies have been published on Delany and her sisters covering their life and struggles to make a mark in the society.

  • Delany, Sarah Louise; Delany, Annie Elizabeth; Hearth, Amy Hill (1993). Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years (First ed.). New York: Kodansha International.
  • The Delany Sisters’ Book of Everyday Wisdom.
  • Delany, Sarah Louise; Hearth, Amy Hil (1997). On My Own at 107: Reflections on Life Without Bessie (First ed.)

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