Famous Female Dentists in The World Who Paved the Way for Future Generation Women

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In this post, we will know about some of the most famous female dentists in the world and a little about their life. 

How to define a woman?

Is it just a biological gender difference or there is more to it.

Many throughout the history have tried to define Women. Many statements have been given overages. The one statement that I feel speaks about Women in the true sense is:

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Today is International Women’s Day and we feel it’s the apt time to do some research and put forward a list of some of the most famous women dentists in the world.

This post especially celebrates the Women dentists of the Old era. 

There was a time when Women were not allowed to study dentistry or work as a dentist. 

But these courageous women defied the norms by their sheer determination and became the first women dentist of their country.

So, they paved the way for the future generation of women in their country to take up dentistry as a career. 

It is because of these ladies today, the world of dentistry is graced by the presence of thousands of talented female dentists world over.

Famous Female Dentists

N.B: By no means, this list is an all inclusive list. There is no ranking system. At the same time, we strongly feel it’s not fair to compare two individuals from different geographical regions with different access to facilities.

This list is simply based on online research and the available information on the internet. We will be happy to add more & more dentists to the list.

Lucy Hobbs Taylor

Lucy Hobbs Taylor (March 14, 1833 – October 3, 1910) was the first American woman to graduate from dental school (Ohio College of Dental Surgery in 1866).

She is without a doubt the most iconic female dentist ever. She was the first women to professionally practice dentistry in the era when it was the American dentistry was only dominated by males.

Lucy Hobbs was born on March 14, 1833 in Constable, New York. She entered the working world by teaching school for ten years in Michigan. In 1859, she moved to Cincinnati, intending to become a dentist. When she was refused admission to dental school, she began a private program of study with a professor from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery.

Impact on World of Dentistry: By 1900, almost one thousand women had followed Lucy Taylor into dentistry, an increase many attribute largely to her accomplishments. In 1983, the American Association of Women Dentists honored Taylor by establishing the Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award, which it now presents annually to AAWD members in recognition of professional excellence and achievements in advancing the role of women in dentistry.

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