The Engineering Vs Medical career choice debate


Let me state from the beginning that I usually don’t support such a comparison. Comparing a career in dentistry to an engineering career is like comparing mangoes with oranges and arguing that why mangoes are not as round as oranges. In a straight word – its absurd !

But in this article I will be comparing Engineering V/S Dentistry.

Why This comparison Now ?

When I have never supported this

comparison in the first place ?

Because I am tired of the senseless comparisons where my profession of dentistry is constantly insulted and brought down by the so called friends, relatives & experts who keep on saying that engineering is better than dentistry ! Well I don’t mind that ! They are free to support their profession & opinion. India is a free country.

What I don’t like is when they say dentistry or other health sciences as a profession is less than engineering!

They start comparing years of study, salary, money and conclude that dentistry is inferior to engineering.

So it’s my freedom right when I say – They are absolutely wrong ! Sad part is young dental graduates have also started believing these negative points about their profession – being constantly around such negative thoughts !

In this post I will provide point by point answer to all those arguments with facts and emotions supported by relevant data.

I urge all the dental students to share this article in social media to put an end to this silly comparison and to end this Pseudo Inferiority of Our Profession by a Few Overzealous Engineers !

Let’s start point by point

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Engineers have jobs, dentists don’t ! It’s Bull Shit Myth !


Engineers have jobs !

Dental Graduates Don’t Have Jobs !


Let’s come directly to the point of  jobs !

That’s one point my friends & relatives talk about a lot. So I researched some of the statistics that have come up in the last few years ! .

In the last decade or so, engineering colleges have sprouted in every nook & corner of India. By an estimate, by 2014-15, there are around 3000 to 4000  plus engineering colleges all over India  (as per a survey by Economic Times ). Due to economic growth and the out sourcing market, there was steep rise in the number of engineering colleges. So, it didn’t matter what was the branch in which the student did the engineering – every one just wanted to be in IT/software professional at the end of 4 years !

Total Number of engineering graduates passing out each year is around 1.5 million which is more than USA & China combined.

Thousands of engineering colleges & you can divide them in to many groups. There are  the top layer of colleges attracting the best minds like IITs/NITs.

After that comes the 2nd & 3rd tier of engineering colleges. The top layer of students in all the IITs, NITS & other reputed private colleges have more chances at getting jobs with a package extending till 9 to 10 lakhs INR (10k to 20k USD) per year in top companies. Also for being the best minds in the country they have more chances at getting through other central government engineering posts.

What about the remaining engineering graduates ? Here comes the truth !

In campus placements (in most of the 2nd or 3rd tier colleges) companies verbally give campus placements to the students. The moment a student is hired he/she can’t sit for further campus selection. Then the long waiting period for official call letter begins. Some times the waiting period is around 2 to 3 years !

And after 2 to 3 years waiting period a call letter is given with a salary of 15,000 to 25,000 INR ! Many engineers in such a case are forced to work below their expertise. Company takes them and put in the BPO/ Call center section of the company. Engineers who used to dream of working in swanky offices, living in penthouses and driving luxury cars are now concerned about finding ‘decent’ openings as they get into their final year at college.

In the current scenario 5 out of 10 engineering graduates (from the non premier engineering colleges) are going job less for an extended period of time.

Not surprisingly, engineers are taking up jobs for which they are not qualified. The logical Indian, a huge Facebook community which started their own website some time back, wrote about a mechanical engineer who is driving an auto rickshaw in New Delhi because he has hungry mouths to feed and a family to look after and the salary being offered to join an IT company was much less that he is making now running his own autos !

My own cousin got a call letter after 3 years of campus selection with a salary package of 1.2 lakhs per year ! But she was smart enough to clear banking exams and is now working in SBI.

She saw the company call letter and said – The companies and their campus selection give the students a false sense of hope and security. They are just for promotion of the engineering college to get the admissions for a new batch ! In reality the companies give the call letter depending on their profit or loss. That’s why she got the joining letter after 3 years ! And they don’t care if the candidate doesn’t join. There are hundreds more waiting in line.

Summary & Comparison with Dentistry :

The myth that all engineers get a job and start a jet set globe trotting life

is a myth.

Yes if the student has graduated from the premier colleges like IIT/NIT then the prospects are bright right after passing ! But how many of your cousins are from IITs/NITs !

A regular fresh engineering graduate gets an average of  20,000 to 30,000 per month (few companies give even less than this)

The notion of job security after engineering graduation is a false sense of security. In 2015 with so much supply of engineering graduates, the companies can dismiss any number of graduates and get new.

More over the companies only give chances to the best minds (students from top colleges) to be part of active thinking group. Rest of the new joiners are just treated as exchange money.

Compare this with dental career – A fresh dental graduate also within a year of opening his/her clinic can make the same amount or more as an engineering graduate. From personal experience I can say that within a year a fresh dental graduate can monthly make an income of 40,000 plus. And what’s more they are no one’s slave. They are free from the slavery of huge corporates.They are themselves corporates from the word go – handling their own ventures.

This absurd comparison of easy job, easy life & comforts after engineering graduation is a classic case of seeing a few percentage of very well doing engineering graduates and then saying that the entire dental profession is fruitless.

See Next Slide Point 2 – Dentistry needs so many years to complete, Engineering so quick. Complete fast ! Earn Fast

( Another total lie)

Dentistry/health Science Is Takes So Many Years !!! Engineering Is So Quick

(Myth of 2015)

There is this popular notion among the haters of health science career that –

Oh !!! Its so many years of study. You study for 5 years ! Then one year internship ! Then PG ! You will grow old just with your books ! Engg. is so quick ! In 5 years your are ready to earn ! Wow.

This notion is the biggest lie of 2015. If you are an engineering graduate and you want to work right after your graduation then you better be a student from IIT or NIT or other premier colleges. If you do not belong to the premier colleges, then please say good bye to early pay and good pay.

For an average engineering graduate who is not able to get the campus placement, its a long road ahead.  He/she needs to do MBA or M-TECH each of which can extend from 2 to 3 years more. And then also if they have done the M Tech or MBA from a very average college – then companies won’t be so eager to take them in.

SO after all the hurdles they are forced to work at a much below salary that they hoped for. Of-course they can climb up the promotion ladder but again that will take some time in years just as in health science.

Comparison with dentistry So tell all your friends who keep saying that you will grow old just studying ! Ask them to have a reality check. Considering the high level of unemployment among the fresh engineering graduates – many of them have long years ahead.

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Dental Education is Very Costly ! Engineering is not.

Engineering Education Is Not As Costly as Dental Education !

(Another Misconception In Favour of Engineering)

This is perhaps one more prevailing myth surrounding the Engineering vs Health Science career debate.

There is nothing like a costly education. If you are smart enough, witty enough, hard working enough with a little bit of luck,you will get through a the government seats for engineering or MBBS /BDS. From there education is very less cost as everything is paid for by the government.

If at all a student doesn’t get Govt. seat and opts to enter private colleges – whether its dental or engineering – its going to cost a lot of money. A Dental seat in a private college goes for around 15 lakhs expenditure. And an engineering private seat in a well established private college goes for around 15 to 20 lakhs.

Just like a Dental Graduate needs to do PG, similarly an Engg. graduate again needs to spend a lot of money if he/she wants to get her MBA or M Tech degree in a good college in India or abroad.

Its the same in all fields – get a govt. seat/scholarship or be ready to spend a lot. And not all students will get through

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Engineers Earn A Lot ! Dentists Don’t !

Engineers Earn A Lot More than Dentists !

There is a huge notion that all engineers start earning a lot more than any other graduates.

It’s a classic case of seeing some of the few very well doing engineers and then generalising that all other professions are not as good as engineering.

Take it for granted that every profession has people doing very well to people doing average. It is controlled by many factors – some are under our control & some are not.

Engineers passing from premier colleges do get a very good placement chance and thus has a great initial start to their earnings. But in 2015 situation is very different.

Engg. is going through a phase of over saturation. So many graduates are there waiting for a job that companies are treating them like exchange coins. Take for example the software sector. Fresh graduates are appointed in bulk and the minimum possible salary and after training are made part of the groups. Groups are headed by senior executives and the fresh graduates are under immense pressure to deliver. If they can’t they are shifted as the companies have thousand more students waiting in line.

In USA salary is paid as per working hours but in India its paid as in working days. So , if any of your friend or relative is a new engineering graduate (not from IIT/NIT/Premier college) a long slogging days are in-front, that is very different from the hopes of a luxurious life style.

The average starting salary of an Engg. graduate in a software firm has reached a low of 15,000 INR per month( approx. 400 USD). A fresh dental surgeon also makes the same or more in 2015. We have discussed about this point in the 1st slide also.

If you just do a search then you will find that Dentists are one of the Richest Group of people at the World Level. In India also you can see lots of dental surgeons who are doing extremely well financially. Though it has become a little difficult in the present times, but which career is not going through a difficult phase ?

Want to know the How much TOP Dentists Earn at a World Level ? Meet the top 6 Richest Dentists in the World who earn in millions & billions.


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The Glamor & Reality of Career !

Glamor Vs Reality    Its 2016 and every profession has its shades of gray.

No profession can be called as fool proof (Until unless its a permanent govt. job till the age of 60)

Every profession has some superstars and then there are the common people. Considering the huge spike in population all professions are over-saturated with graduates. The world over recession has become a part of life. In such a scenario until unless you are among the toppers in your field, one should not boast of salary and achievements.

Take it day by day and with time and perseverance you will reach the best in your profession in your own capacity. So, next time the dental profession gets compared to engineering – then no need to overreact ! Keep your calm and know that your profession is not inferior to any other career. But as the demand of the times – just hard work is not enough … One needs to be a hard worker with a DIFFERENCE !

As a new Dental Graduate – The Key to a Successful career is ” Avoiding Unnecessary Comparison with anybody else or any other career.



Hi there dental warriors ! How do you do ? You know ! when I joined my BDS in 2004 ! That time dentistry used to be very different. When I say different I mean the outlook of a fresh graduate. In my first year of BDS I was envious of my Intern seniors.

 I sincerely wish that as a dental student you are now much more aware of the career scenario in engineering. Every career has ups and downs. So, from now don’t give any attention to such unnecessary comparisons.