10 Points that Doctors can learn from Dr.Kalam & Enrich their Life.


2. Positive Attitude

Have you heard the saying ” You will see the world in the same color as the color of the glasses you are wearing “

Its the same with mind. If your mind is calm and thinking straight and hope then in all situations you will try to find for a solution. Yes true negatives will say … what’s the guarantee that the solution will work. Yes there are chances that it might not work … but again there are chances that it will.

Thomas alva Edison was trying to create electric bulb. 1000 times the fuse he created burnt. But he didn’t lose hope. With hope in mind he kept calm and kept trying for a solution. And in the 1001 attempt he invented the electric bulb.

SO, if you remain positive and hopeful, then there are more chances for your success.

Mind less Negative thoughts drag you down. Use the negative thoughts for your benefit. If you tend to have negative thoughts before any venture then write then down on a paper. Negatives thoughts are just the fear of failure. From the list check which negative fears are practical and which are just weird imaginations.

Then Try to find the solution to the practical problems.

That’s how a 1oth pass student with the dream of creating a business empire created Reliance Industries. Yes That’s Dhiru Bhai Ambani

Thus, Remain Positive and Get Success.

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