10 Points that Doctors can learn from Dr.Kalam & Enrich their Life.

Dr.Kalam And Ten Life Lessons

We Can Learn From The Leader

Dr Kalam, 84, collapsed at the Indian Institute of Management-Shillong while delivering a lecture to the students of the B-school.

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was seen by millions of Indians as the ‘People’s President’, the ‘Missile Man’ who started life as a paperboy.

Dr. Kalam was a man of science but his work ethics inspired millions of people from all spheres of life. Though I never net Dr. Kalam but his teachings have always been one of my guiding lines in career and life.

He has left us today and joined with the Almighty. But we ” the doctors ” should always celebrate the life of this great man and follow the good principles he always tried to install in all young people. He always quoted simple real life examples to inspire everybody.

This post is dedicated to the great man.

Lets start – and Go through the points that Dr. Kalam has taught all doctors & young students. These points will enrich your life.

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1. Never Quit Attitude

Keep in mind success doesn’t come in one try. Don’t even start any venture expecting that. Yes there are some who do get success in the first try itself. But 90 % of people get the success after repeated attempts.

So never think that repeating is of no use. Each repeat attempt is one step more closer to your goal.


So, Never Ever Give Up On Your Dreams & Goals

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Your Attitude Matters


2. Positive Attitude

Have you heard the saying ” You will see the world in the same color as the color of the glasses you are wearing “

Its the same with mind. If your mind is calm and thinking straight and hope then in all situations you will try to find for a solution. Yes true negatives will say … what’s the guarantee that the solution will work. Yes there are chances that it might not work … but again there are chances that it will.

Thomas alva Edison was trying to create electric bulb. 1000 times the fuse he created burnt. But he didn’t lose hope. With hope in mind he kept calm and kept trying for a solution. And in the 1001 attempt he invented the electric bulb.

SO, if you remain positive and hopeful, then there are more chances for your success.

Mind less Negative thoughts drag you down. Use the negative thoughts for your benefit. If you tend to have negative thoughts before any venture then write then down on a paper. Negatives thoughts are just the fear of failure. From the list check which negative fears are practical and which are just weird imaginations.

Then Try to find the solution to the practical problems.

That’s how a 1oth pass student with the dream of creating a business empire created Reliance Industries. Yes That’s Dhiru Bhai Ambani

Thus, Remain Positive and Get Success.

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3. You Got To Take Risks

Its good be cautious and careful before any venture. That’s necessary. But many a times situation will arise where you will need to take risks. The calculated risks.

In our Indian Way of thinking we tend to get nervous and superstitious. But one has to Take risks. Say for Example investing around one lakh of rupees in a new venture. There’s a risk that it might not work. But only the one who has the power and the intelligence to take the risk … will only achieve success after the risk is cleared.

Take Risks As Stair Case to Success. Never hesitate to take calculated risks.

You need to get out of your comfort zone to reach for success.

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4. Be Healthy

Health is paramount. A healthy body only, can house a healthy mind. A healthy mind can think of successful things.

So, exercise everyday to maintain your health.

Eat healthy, drink healthy. Say no to drugs and alcohol.

Being healthy takes you half way to success … and then you are in perfect condition to do work for the next half to achieve.

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Work Hard- Action & Reaction


5. Sweat & Sacrifice

Sweat & sacrifices. These are not to be taken literally.

You want to achieve success ????

Then you need to sweat it out. You need to work harder

You have to sacrifice your fun time to get more time to work towards your goal.

Then you are sure to get success and the satisfaction that you have given your best.

Don’t get caught up in the lines enjoy the present. Enjoy doesn’t mean you enjoy and waste all your time without being constructive.

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6. Work Hard

Nothing comes easy in life. Its not some thing that is being told. Its a hard fact from which you can’t escape.

Have you heard the notion that money can’t buy true success. Its true. No one will handle you the success in your hands like you purchase a book. You can’t order success in your work from flipkart.

Hard Work is the only currency through which you can purchase success.

It might not sound good and there is no escape from it.

God has created the best example for you to learn – ANTS

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7. Don’t Keep Thinking About Result

Oh God … Will I Succeed or Not ?

Every hard work you are putting ; you are putting it towards a definite goal. Every journey has a destination.

But what you should not do – is keep thinking about the end point continuously and in turn make yourself anxious and nervous.

Don’t get anxious. Keep focusing on all the individual steps required to reach the goal.

Complete each step correctly and then no one can stop you from reaching your success.

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8. Get Good At Your Craft

Now all words and no improving your skills – leads to failure.

Keep it in your mind as a rule.

Which ever field you are in or which ever hobby you want to acquire … you will have to work around it, improve upon it and get good at it. Then only it will be easier to go near success.

So, What Are You Waiting For … Get Working …

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9. Spirituality

Spirituality doesn’t mean being religious. Spirituality is the connect with one’s soul. After a days hard work are you able to sleep with complete sincerity without any doubt what so ever on yourself that you have done something wrong … that’s spirituality. The feeling that you are making a positive effect on people’s life – that’s spirituality.

To be successful like the great men of history and present you need to connect with the inner conscience. With that your mind will be more clearer towards the goal.

Next Point – Have Passion !


10. Passion + Principles + Discipline

The last but not the least final 3 points needed for success

Passion + Principles + Discipline


It Has To Come From Within You.

The Passion to Succeed.

The Passion to Work Hard

Unless that burning desire comes from within you … success will elude you.

Principles & Disciplines

Its 21st Century … and in today’s world not sticking to principles and discipline can lead to very bad results.

Basic principles like being truthful and working hard.

Discipline means not resorting to illegal methods or shortcuts.

Unwarranted Short Cuts Never Lead To Success.

That covers all the 10 points. Before leaving this post take a pledge that you will try to follow some of the points that you feel are lacking in you. You are definitely going to achieve success then.

Good Luck !

Final Point That was The best point about Dr. Kalam

Be Humble


Be Humble Always in Success Too !!!

This should top the list because all else fails in the absence of this. Spiritual Masters have spoken a lot on humility and parents have taught us to be humble. All success in life comes to naught if it is laced with vanity, ego, selfishness & negative pride. Modesty has, and will remain, an alluring trait because where egoism falters, humility conquers.

This is why an icon like Kalam will always be remembered & missed.

Not because he was a great Scientist.

Not because he was perhaps the first ever ” People’s President “

But because he was a man who at the height of success never changed. He always remained the same humble & caring soul. He Lives forever now among all the students he inspired all though his life.

Kalam Tujhe Salaam!