Doctors Who Have Won Top Beauty Pageants in the World

Vision for Dentistry

With her background as a dentist and the newly won Miss Universe crown, she realizes that she can make a great impact on oral health awareness. Even before the competition started she has told in an interview that if she won said wanted “to advocate for dental and oral hygiene”.

She added: “I want to help people, I want to understand people, I want to meet people, that’s why this is a dream for me.”


As far as we can think, it’s a great achievement. But still, there has been some online backlash by trolls. We at feel that every dentist is a unique individual with the potential to achieve their dreams. Miss Iris Mittenaere is an inspiration to all such dentists to be passionate and pursue the things they want to achieve in life.


She is also an inspiration for women in dentists. We are not saying in terms of looks or physical beauty. Every woman is beautiful. What women dentists can learn from this story is the spirit & passion for achieving something that you really want. Ladies, you can be amazing dentists and at the same time achieve laurels in other things you are passionate about. So, go for it.

We at dentalorg regularly publish motivating stories where women are making a difference to dentistry. You can read about few more amazing women dentists below.

In the next page, we will meet Manushi Chillar who is a medical student from a small town in India and even the Miss World 2017.

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