Do Not Go For Higher Dental Education For Wrong Reasons

Every dentist wants to go for higher dental education. But it demands a lot of time and financial investment. So, think properly before you decide on it. Never go for higher dental educations for Wrong reasons.

5th Reason Not To Do MDS:

Don’t do higher dental education thinking that after

you complete the higher dental education you will surely get a JOB and lot of money.

We Got Job … Right After Higher Dental Education! Really!

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In the current scenario of dentistry, you need to face the facts … the really real facts!  

Don’t do MDS/Higher dental education thinking that after the completion you will definitely get a job. The number of MDS or dentists with the higher dental degree are increasing so rapidly that all departments are completely saturated. So there is very less chance of you getting a job … until unless you have a big influence working for you.

The senior people you see well settled as academic staffs/professors in different colleges … passed their MDS / Higher Dental Education some 10 to 15 years back.

For the new generation dentists, there is no such luxury.

So you better be prepared for the hard truth.

I have Got a Job !!! 

(Not Sure AnyMore)

When Should you Do MDS / Higher Dental Education?

So, after the last few slides, you must be wondering, if you should at all go for higher dental education or not.

The aim of this post is not to make you feel that going for higher dental education is futile.

Rather the aim of this post is to make you realize that you should not go for higher dental education for the wrong reasons.

Decide to do go for higher dental education when 

  1. You genuinely develop an interest towards a particular subject in dentistry.
  2. When you feel you lack in a particular aspect of dentistry that you would like to nurture.
  3. When you yourself feel that doing a PG/Higher education at this time would contribute to your skills majorly.
  4. Only if you really enjoy dentistry and its something that you deeply desire.
  5. When you are mentally ready for working hard to qualify the exams and financially ready to spend the money required for the education.

We all are aware of how competitive this world is.

Most of us might think that if we don’t hurry up we might fall behind our counterparts.

But, I feel we need to give ourselves some time to make a clear decision to know what we want from life.

The Final Take Away Points: Let’s Do It Our Way

Why is it that all of us are rushing into something just because everybody is doing it or somebody else said so?

  1. I believe it would be ideal to give yourself some time (if you haven’t given already) to assess where you lack and what you need to work on.
  2. Give yourself that time for self-assessment and then decide what to do ahead so that at least this time you would be really sure of the decision you are going to take.
  3. If you ever felt you do not enjoy this field do not be afraid to do what you love. Do not be afraid to chase your dreams and listen only to your heart. There are chances to succeed in any stream that you choose.
  4. There are many examples where dentists have moved away from dentistry to other professions out of their wish and doing well. All depends on timing and hard work.

Remember, success comes only to those who really love what they do.

Go ahead guys, and all the very best for your future and always remember,

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”

Article by: Dr. Keerthika Natarajan

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