Do Not Go For Higher Dental Education For Wrong Reasons

Every dentist wants to go for higher dental education. But it demands a lot of time and financial investment. So, think properly before you decide on it. Never go for higher dental educations for Wrong reasons.

3rd Reason not to do MDS/DDS/NBDE/ADC

Your Parents Have Lot Of Money To Waste

(Though you are not interested in the course)

In this case, the dentist has no issues spendings millions for higher dental education or a 5-star dental practice.

But don’t take it as a reason to do go for higher education.

Assess truly & faithfully if you really enjoy dentistry?

Ask yourself do you still want to continue higher dental education?

If the answer is NO … then don’t go for higher dental education as you don’t need the degree for earning.

You already have enough of money & comfort …

so search for something that will be more fruitful for you.

4th Reason Not To DO MDS 

Your relatives are constantly asking about

your future plans and trying to give their opinion.

Never plan and do MDS/Higher dental education hastily just because some silly relatives are bugging you.

In the current scenario, it’s not wise.

Most of the relatives won’t help you or come to your rescue financially.

So you don’t need to do anything to get their approval.

You do what is most feasible and possible for you.

This is the most irritating scenario faced by a young dental graduate. While he/she is just finishing the internship, his/her close school friends or cousins are already drawing a good salary from their company.

In social events he/she sees his/her cousins and friends relaxing and oozing with confidence that regular money or salary provides.

Then comes the really nasty aunties who start comparing their kids work-salaries and start Bombarding you with questions:

When are you opening your clinic?

Did you join any college as a staff?

What is your salary?

These interactions put a lot of pressure on young graduates. It forces them to develop a sense of inferiority complex. In spite of being a professional doctor, the immediate shortage of money is heightened to such a point that – dental graduate start questioning their career choice.

In such a crunch time – many graduates hastily decide to go for the higher dental degrees with a feeling that it will shut up the nagging friends and relatives. But such decisions are many times not planned. As a result, the young Dental / Medical graduate gets into even tougher financial position trying to afford the costly higher dental education courses.

And the final and most irritating question by relatives –

“You won’t charge me any money for dental treatments … in your clinic?”

Your reaction on hearing so much bullshit … “Just shut up you Idiot

Social functions become like interrogation sessions …

“Just a dental graduate! It has no value”

Your neighborhood aunty who doesn’t even know how many branches are there in dentistry starts saying that dentistry has no value unless you go for higher education.

Don’t even listen to her.

Do what possible and best for you.

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Don’t do higher dental education hoping that you will get a job after 3 years.

Yes! that’s the fact.

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