Do Not Go For Higher Dental Education For Wrong Reasons

Every dentist wants to go for higher dental education. But it demands a lot of time and financial investment. So, think properly before you decide on it. Never go for higher dental educations for Wrong reasons.

1. First Reason Not To Do MDS/NBDE/DDS/ADC

My Friends Are Doing, So I will Also Do

Never rush to do PG/MDS/NBDE/DDS/ADC just because others are doing it.

Never follow the herd until unless you really want to do it.

 “Hi … I have joined MDS/NBDE/ Abroad dental course by spending Millions

What! You doing it really?

I will also do MDS/DDS/NBDE somehow … even if I have to take millions of loan or years to clear the entrance exams!”

even if I have to take millions of loan or years to clear the entrance exams!”

Decide for yourself if higher dental education is going to solve your purpose. If planning to do in private then check seriously if you have the money to sustain yourself during and after the MDS course.

If funds are short then it is better NOT TO DO private Higher Dental Education in your country or abroad.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you have no money left after Higher Dental Education, stressing how to pay the bank loans & struggling to open your Dental Practice but one of your dental friends (Who Understood he is not ready to spend millions in higher education) instead has opened a good practice and is doing well.

You might have to visit his/her clinic and ask for consultations!

Next Reason: Don’t Do Higher Dental Education thinking

Oh! people will look down upon me if mm not MDS/Post Graduate!

2nd Reason Not To Do MDS

Don’t Do MDS thinking – your own dental friends who would be doing higher dental education would look down upon you

This is one of the most foolish reasons to do MDS/NBDE/DDS/ADC etc.

Never think on that line that your friends with a higher dental degree will look down upon you!

Considering the current situation in dentistry – MDS or dentists with higher dental education people have nothing much to boast about.

Jobs in colleges (particularly in India) are so dry that there is no surety even dentist with higher education will get an academic post.

In fact, if some BDS/Dental graduate has somehow spent millions in private MDS/Abroad education thinking that after the higher education they will join as a staff … then they might be surprised.

Next Reason: Don’t Do MDS/NBDE/DDS

Just Because

 Your parents have lot of money

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