In this article, we are going to discuss the diploma courses available for dentists after dental graduation (BDS/MDS). 

We will try to provide the information which will help in your search of Diploma Courses in dentistry. This article mostly aimed at Indian dentists as the scenario of dentistry over here is very different from other developed countries.

 The question that is common to all the dental students or should I say the question that unites all the dental students all over India (irrespective of which state they belong to) is “What After BDS?” … 

But in the current scenario of dentistry, that question has now been promoted to “What After MDS”

The changing scenario of dentistry in India

Diploma Courses in Dentistry

When you, me and rest of our friends joined dentistry … we kind of hoped things will get better from that point onwards. But five years down the line we did get the degree but along with that a lot of confusion.

Five years down the line we did get the degree but along with that a lot of confusion.

One reason for that confusion is dentistry as an educational degree doesn’t get you placement in some MNC.

The whole idea of years in dental school is to gain a set of clinical skills that you will use in future in your private dental practice.

Agree or not BDS college is not sufficient for gaining adequate clinical exposure that can make you confident in immediately standing on your own as a professional clinical dentist. It is the feeling shared by many who have passed BDS and are now finding it difficult to move ahead in their career.

In all the years in dental college, we are more into finishing the quotas and assignments.

In the internship, we might work overtime and see some clinical steps from seasoned staffs, but unless you do it yourself it is of no use.

And then suddenly one-day internship ends and we are expected to start our private practice. From the enclosed ecosystem of the dental college, you are now exposed to the highly competitive world of professional dental practice without any practical knowledge on how to set up your dental practice.

At such a time you will also see some of your friends (whose parents are already dentists or financially well to do) moving ahead fast in setting up their posh dental practice or planning to go abroad for higher education. Unless you are also from that group of students, it will be the first time in your dental career when you will feel completely clueless on how to move forward.

It’s decision time for you. You have two options.

Either you can prepare for the higher dental exams (to qualify for higher dental education) or start with your practice.

Mind it that the exams to be eligible for higher dental education (NEET & other abroad dental exams) are tough, and many times it can require 2 to 3 years of attempts to complete the exams with a useful rank. To counter this many BDS pass outs start their practice and keep preparing for the exams at the same time.

Dental Diploma Courses

So, we are forced into opening our clinic (with investment and courage), and we start working and learning on the spot.

For students who do MDS, they seemingly get that confidence that they are specialists in a particular aspect of dentistry and they also have a shot at working in a college as a staff. So, they don’t depend as much on their clinic as they should.

(But getting a job as a faculty is becoming a rarity due to over increase in the number of MDS/Post Graduates)


But for a dental student who is not able to crack the entrance code or not able to afford the price for a non-government MDS/abroad seat … clinical practice is everything, and he/she needs to sharpen his skills to compete and survive in the ever increasing crowd of dental graduates.

In such a scenario, the demand for the diploma courses that enhance the clinical skills of a dental student has risen many folds.

What are Diploma courses?

Post BDS, the young dentist has two options – Go for MDS/ abroad attempt or try for short term courses or the a right courses.

MDS courses are three years duration courses. Unless you get a Govt. MDS seat, the MDS course can get very costly to complete. In comparison, diploma courses are of 2 years or less duration depending on from where you are doing the course. The overall price of a diploma course is lower than MDS course expenditure. But again, pricing is always relative in nature. For some, a particular pricing will be affordable, and for others, it will be out of reach.

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